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  1. Limpinlobster

    Yukon Free Spin Hub Conversion Kit for 2001 TJ Dana 30

    Wondering if anyone here has any experience with this hub conversion kit. yukon (ya wu-07) It uses a 27 spline outer and keeps the 5X4.5 bolt pattern. Would like to know how it worked for you. Does anyone know of any other options out there?
  2. Limpinlobster

    Anyone Using Dana Spicer Replacement Driveshafts for Gladiator?

    Was wondering if anyone here is using these driveshafts for their lifted Gladiators. They have either a 1310 or 1350 front driveshaft replacement, and a rear two piece driveshaft replacement. What driveshafts are you running or would recommend for a daily driver, weekend warrior with...
  3. Limpinlobster

    What Kind of Brake Upgrades Have You Done?

    I have an 01 TJ with a dana 30 front axle. I want to upgrade to either the Currie 44 or Dynatrac 44 hopefully soon. What kind of brakes have you upgraded to and how do you like them? I know Wilwood has a kit, but you have to use YJ knuckles and I'm not sure they're as strong as TJ knuckles...
  4. Limpinlobster

    Can flat tire fit in spare tire location?

    I have a 37 inch spare that luckily fits in the stock spare location. I know it's not an ideal location for a spare. However, I currently have my spare on the stock steel spare rim. It wouldn't fit it up there with the stock alloy wheel. The part that holds the wheel that comes down from the...
  5. Limpinlobster

    I'm back!!!

    I've been away from this forum for a good while and I'm happy to say I'm back. Moving and Corona Virus meant wheeling and off road trips were put on hold. Things are getting back to normal for me, so hopefully I'll be back out wheeling very soon. I got a 2020 gladiator about 2 months ago and...
  6. Limpinlobster

    Snow in vegas!!!

    It snowed in Vegas, and I couldn’t resist. Here’s what it looks like. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  7. Limpinlobster

    I’m back!!!

    In 2017 I had to let go of my JK, as well as an 85 CJ7. I’m happy to say that a few weeks ago, I was able to get back into a Jeep. It’s a 2001 TJ Sport. It’s a different animal compared to my old JKR, but it’s plenty capable. I’m excited to be a part of this community again. I’ve been on a few...
  8. Limpinlobster

    1985 Jeep CJ7 for sale

    Selling my 1985 Jeep CJ7 I hate to let it go, but with a recent move, I haven't been able to finish the cage I started building. If you're a good fabricator, or don't mind taking it to a shop to get finished up, this is a solid jeep. I would rather it go to a new home than sit in my driveway...
  9. Limpinlobster

    CJ & YJ parts / center console

    Making some upgrades to my jeeps and need to make room. 85 CJ7 roll cage with old school custom a pillar welded on. Make offer Seat brackets from 89 YJ x2 Stock seats 89 yj x2 Bucket seats fit a smaller waistline. Maybe 36" and smaller x2 Bestop center console arm rest used for a...
  10. Limpinlobster

    Seal question

    I have a friend who got a seal kit for his Yj, and we are trying to figure out what these seals are for.
  11. Limpinlobster

    Budget Boost and 13.5" wide tires

    Sorry if this has been covered, but I can't find it anywhere. I want to get the Daystar 1.75 budget boost and put 35" Nitto MT tires on my JK. I'm going to get spidertrax 1.75" wheel spacers as well. If I were to get a 13.5" wide tire, does anyone know if I will have rubbing issues? Thanks in...
  12. Limpinlobster

    1985 cj7 carb which screw is which?

    Hey everyone, was hoping if anyone knows which screw is fuel and which is air on my 85 cj7. Thanks in advance.
  13. Limpinlobster

    1985 CJ7 Automatic Transmission Swap Question

    I want to put a TF999 automatic transmission into my 85 CJ7 258 I6. I know the TF999 trans from any CJ7 with a 258 and up to i believe the 1991 YJ will work, but will the TF999 or 32RH from the 4.0 work from the slightly later years? I've read that the only difference is is the lock up torque...
  14. Limpinlobster

    Loose Shifter for my manual 85 CJ7

    Hey there, so my shifter in my 85 CJ7 feels very loose. Still shifts fine, but it has a ton of play and wiggles. I took the shifter off, and it doesn't look like it was ever meant to be tight. Was wondering if anyone else's shifter feels like this with a T5 transmission. I don't want to get a...
  15. Limpinlobster

    Can't shift into 4H 89 YJ Manual

    The quest to get the YJ trail ready continues. I know it's been sitting for a long time, possibly a year and a half. We yanked pretty hard on the transfer case lever, but can't get it into 4H. We tried going slow, up to 25 mph, in gear, and out of gear. Can someone please give us some advice on...
  16. Limpinlobster

    YJ Yokes from other model jeeps

    Hello, I have a buddy who just bought an 89 YJ. The yoke for the rear driveshaft is broken and was wondering if anyone knew if yokes from other model jeeps such as XJ's or any other model are the same. Thanks in advance.
  17. Limpinlobster

    Need a used 35x12.5r16.5 tire Might consider a 37" or even a little wider.

    Preferably used. If you have 4, I might be interested in buying them all off of you. Thanks
  18. Limpinlobster

    Jeep, Hummer, Land Rover Paradox

    Saw this up in Big Bear over the weekend. Thought I'd share it. Any thoughts, comments, complaints???
  19. Limpinlobster

    Hard top leak 2012 jkr

    I searched here on the forum for anything related, but my hardtop just started leaking :gaah:. It's weird because it has been raining here in So Cal and I haven't seen any leaks. But with the rain today, it started leaking through. I tried putting a plastic trash bag where I saw leaking, but...
  20. Limpinlobster

    The inevitable 2012 JKR Sway Bar E Disco won't disengage anymore.

    I went out to cleghorn yesterday and did a little off roading. I Put it in 4wd so I could disconnect the sway bar for a smoother ride. I know the Sway bar connects itself if you go above 15 or 20 and will automatically disconnect itself once you slow down again. I was hitting a few areas a...
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