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  1. Txjkjpr

    JEEP MEMES - Let's see em!!

    New Jeep Badge
  2. Txjkjpr

    Running without front axle stub shaft (trail fix)

    Out wheeling this weekend, and one of the JK's in our group broke his front passenger u-joint and in the process trashed his shaft end that we were not able to replace with a new cross. Actually had to cut the ears off just to remove it. We removed the shaft and got him all put back to rolling...
  3. Txjkjpr

    New life into old lift

    Ran this weekend and everything performed great. I was corrected I am running the Fox Reservoirs without the adjusters. My mistake. They performed very well and I am happy with the ride and results. Flexed it out completely. Good upgrade.
  4. Txjkjpr

    Late notice camping in CO

    A few pictures from todays Chinaman Gulch run.
  5. Txjkjpr

    New life into old lift

    A little better after pick without shadows.
  6. Txjkjpr

    New life into old lift

    So after returning from Moab, really after running Pritchett Canyon, my daughter who is 5'1" said that it was much easier to get into the jeep. I know that the old springs and shocks were getting a little soft and would eventually need to be replaced. However, I guess it is like the old saying...
  7. Txjkjpr

    What did Brown Santa show up with today..

    New Fox 2.0 shocks and Synergy Coil Springs.
  8. Txjkjpr

    FLEX FRIDAY!! Let's See Pics of your Jeep Twisted Up!!

    Hell's Gate, Hell's Revenge, Moab, UT
  9. Txjkjpr

    Where did your Jeep take You this Week?

    Pritchett Canyon, Moab, UT Hell's Gate, Hell's Revenge, Moab, UT
  10. Txjkjpr

    Moab Trip March 14th - March 22nd, 2015

    It was good running across you guys yesterday, I am a bit envious of your rigs, very nice. Today I hit Hell's Revenge and conquered Hell's Gate and Mickey's Hot Tub.
  11. Txjkjpr

    Anyone running the Ace Pro Series Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier?

    I have the Ace Pro Series rear and added the spare tire mount from ROTOPAX to my carrier. They also make a mount that goes on the jack so if you wanted more fuel storage. I put the 3 gallon cell on. No complaints, had mounting spot for CB, doesn't rattle. I would recommend. Also has cutouts...
  12. Txjkjpr

    FLEX FRIDAY!! Let's See Pics of your Jeep Twisted Up!!

    A little flexing in the Colorado.
  13. Txjkjpr

    Where did your Jeep take You this Week?

    Backroad in Colorado, with a bunch of other jeepers.
  14. Txjkjpr

    Things to consider of Upgrade to PR60 Front

    So, I've talked myself into upgrading to a PR60 front axle. I went back and forth between a PR44 and a PR60 and decided to spend the money once. Probably be next fall before I even order it, but wanted to see what other items I might be investing in so I can plan for it and break it to the...
  15. Txjkjpr

    Where's your Jk setting Right now

    Out playing in the Colorado mountains.
  16. Txjkjpr

    ROADSIDE AMERICA : Awesome Roadside Stops Along the Way!

    Waiting for the group in Sedalia, CO.
  17. Txjkjpr

    Automatic Transmission

    I have a 2010 JKU 3.8L with a automatic transmission. I noticed a leak in my cooler line, as the rubber hose connection, when I was installing some rock lights. I took it into the shop to have the lines repaired and service done on the transmission (filter and fluid change). The reputable (I...
  18. Txjkjpr

    Colorado- China Wall Snow Run 1-24-15

    I think most people see all these built up rigs and think that they need all that to enjoy the trails. Reality is that a stock jeep is quite a capable rig. Sure there are trails where being built up makes it a much better experience, however the biggest upgrade (and its free) is the experience...
  19. Txjkjpr

    show your jeep in snow

    Our run today.
  20. Txjkjpr

    Colorado- China Wall Snow Run 1-24-15

    Group photo from the top of the wall.
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