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    Chasing the Birds

    2016 JKU - 130k miles. I’ve got major bird whistles under the hood at speed only. Not during idling. Serpentine belt was replaced at 110k. Didn’t see any damage upon inspection. Replaced idler pulleys next. Noise still there. Tensioner pulley next?
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    Hemi AND Electric Announcements

    I don't know about you guys, but did anyone else notice Jeep just announced - in less than 24 hours - both a Hemi Wrangler AND an electric Wrangler? I'm trying to wrap my head around this, because I've been waiting about 20 years for both separately.
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    Nut Test

    Haha made you look. Seriously though, here’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma. I backed out of my garage just now, and under my Jeep near the front of my left rear tire was this mysterious nut. I can’t imagine where it came from, but I feel like it had to come from my Jeep. Any ideas? It’s a 1/2...
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    Cross Threaded Wheel Stud

    Well, for the first time ever I damaged a wheel stud while replacing the rotors. Then I cross threaded a lug getting it back on. I got the lug off, but can I repair the stud threads? Wondering if I should replace the stud. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
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    Lifting Hard Top by Rhinorack

    Hey guys, Sorry for the noob question. I'm putting a rhinorack platform on my JK for xmas, and wondering if it's ok to lift the hard top off the JK with the hooks attached to the rhinorack instead of the hard top. I figure it's fine given the strength of the rhinorack backbone system, but...
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    Blown CV Boot?

    Crawled under my 2016 JKU today to change the transfer case fluid at 60k miles. Noticed some black splatter behind the transfer case on the rear driveshaft. Is this a blown CV boot? Do I have to replace the driveshaft? I've got a 2.5 in AEV dualsport lift on a 2016 JKU.
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    Drove Hundreds of Miles without Diff Cover Fill Cap

    Took the cover off, here's a couple pics. Gotta wait for the new fill cap. There was practically no fluid left in the diff. Also no noticeable metal shavings.
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    Drove Hundreds of Miles without Diff Cover Fill Cap

    Hey guys, I can't believe I did this. I heard a very slight buzzing from the rear at 60 mph, and basically ignored it for several hundred miles. Well, I smelled diff fluid when I got out, and yep, diff cover fill cap was gone and diff fluid spewed everywhere. It's an AEV cover so I have to get...
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    How to Disable Jeep

    Hey guys, is there an easy way to disable the starter or engine on a JK if leaving somewhere overnight like a public parking lot? When I had a TJ, I could pull a starter fuse. Anything similar on JK?
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    2016 Factory Service Manual

    Done some searching on different forums but haven't been able to find an answer to this: What's the best/cheapest way to get my hands on a factory service manual for a 2016 JKU? Just got my JK 4 days ago and making a list of mods.
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    Howdy from Big D!

    My new baby just arrived at the dealership from AEV. Pretty pumped!
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