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    Random Internet Shit you've come across

  2. bmkrinne

    Hello from SC!

    Welcome from Alabama!!
  3. bmkrinne

    LJ Build - Slow & Steady

    Dude, you’ve been busy this winter! The Jeep looks great!!!
  4. bmkrinne

    My Side Piece

    OCD got the best of me. Swapped out the blue straps for black.
  5. bmkrinne

    My Side Piece

    What? Chicks don’t dig that kind of stuff? 😩
  6. bmkrinne

    My Side Piece

    Got it painted and straps installed today. Don’t like the blue straps but for $5, 🤷‍♂️. Would be better with black. I hate the damned ShittyBuilt tire carrier but it actually has a really great mounting point for bullshit like this. 😂
  7. bmkrinne

    My Side Piece

    Truth! Haha!!!
  8. bmkrinne

    My Side Piece

    We have gotten turned around four times in the last 6 months on trails due to downed trees. Two times have been pretty nasty having to back out over the rocks, ledges, etc. Every time no one in the group had a chainsaw, so the newest project comes about….a chainsaw rack for the Side Piece...
  9. bmkrinne

    Hello from Nashville

    Welcome from Huntsville, AL
  10. bmkrinne

    LJ Build - Slow & Steady

    Looks great! I’m excited to get back out on the trails with you! We need to plan a southeast meet up at Windrock once you get the LJ where you want it. Definitely need to hit up Stony Lonesome tho!!!
  11. bmkrinne

    Buying KMC Wheels on Amazon?

    I love buying stuff on Amazon! The return shipping is free with Prime and really easy should you need it.
  12. bmkrinne

    Hey from Glencoe, Alabama

    Welcome back! I’m in Huntsville, AL
  13. bmkrinne

    JL Rubicon front sway bar fit a JK

    Not sure on interchangeability on all the years, but I got a JL rubi sway bar assembly from a buddy’s 2018 JLUR and it is not interchangeable with my ‘12 JKUR sway bar assembly. I tried to put it on and the frame bearing mounts are a couple inches narrower and won’t directly bolt up. The e...
  14. bmkrinne

    My Side Piece

    Took the wife and my side piece to Stoney Lonesome park yesterday and had a blast. She doesn’t really care for the rock crawling, but seemed to have a good time yesterday. She rode half the day in my buddy’s razor, but won’t hold that against her!! 🤪 I’m happy to report the spring keeper I...
  15. bmkrinne

    What's the skinny on RCV front axles

    I’ve had mine for about 2.5 years and have put them through the paces offroad around the country. I have no complaints about functionality, but hate the grease slinging everywhere. Maybe it’s my fault because I do grease them religiously. I think where they excel is at full turn in 4wheel...
  16. bmkrinne

    Anything TJ/LJ

    So awesome! Can’t wait to see you back in a Jeep!
  17. bmkrinne

    My Side Piece

    My side piece has the JK lean and has been bothering me for a while, so I decided to fix it. After measuring all 4 corners and testing with a jack, I decided to install a 1” spacer above the rear passenger spring. Here are the A/F and A/L measurements. the measurements show 1/4” lean on...
  18. bmkrinne

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    I work with a guy who used to work in a couple solar power plants out west - the ones with all the mirrors focusing the sun light on one central tower. He said they would send a crew around routinely to dispose of the dead birds so the regulators wouldn’t see them.
  19. bmkrinne

    North GA - Looking to run some trails

    Hey man! Long time, no see! We should go again sometime! Saw your video of Coppinger cove. Let me know next time you go! I’d love to tag along.
  20. bmkrinne

    Do I need a track bar relocation bracket??

    You don’t have to change your track bar height and can leave it as is if you are happy with the way the Jeep drives. If you have bump steer and want to improve the way it handles, then you would need to raise the track bar AND do a drag link flip to keep the drag link and track bar angles the...
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