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  1. JAGS

    YouTube Vid: Jeep collection on auction block.

    This popped up for me recently. Didn’t see this posted and thought others would enjoy this vid, particularly a certain Mr and Mrs Oh. Though I’m guessing you two have seen this already. 😎
  2. JAGS

    JAGS JK Garage Sale

    Alright folks with JKs. I’ll be adding some items here over the next week or two (or however long it takes to go through the garage). These items will be for a 2012 JKUR or equal. If you want me to ship, it will be on your dime. I’m in SoCal and might be willing to meet up depending on where...
  3. JAGS

    JKUR Needs a New Home

    ****SOLD**** 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (JKUR) Navigation/Bluetooth/Satalite Premium Alpine audio sound system 87K Miles Oil Changed every 5K All recommended maintenance performed (T-Case, Trans, Diffs, Brakes, rotations, etc) Asking (price drop) $26,000 I've had an amazing time with my JK...
  4. JAGS

    Festival of Lights 2018 - Happy Hanukkah

    Happy Hanukkah. Let the eight crazy nights begin. A splendid celebration where we may all be thankful for the miracles our families have been blessed with this year. JAGS has the best of both worlds... christmukkah. [emoji41][emoji319]✡️
  5. JAGS

    HOW TO FIX a JK Wrangler interior door handle doesn’t work - WRITE UP

    Well, here’s one for the masses. For a long while my auto door lock wouldn’t work right on the drivers door. Works on the other three doors. Every now and then the lock itself would get jammed up and I’d have to manually and with some force move the interior lock lever to unlocked and locked to...
  6. JAGS

    Adding a RAM mount to a JL Wrangler dash

    After adding a RH4x4 cage to my JK a few years back I became spoiled to having a place to put RAM mounts. The RAM mounts in my JK are used for the CB holder (midland 75) and also my cell phone. After some looking around I decided to test out an idea. Ordered some things up and gave it go this...
  7. JAGS

    Next Generation JL Fun for JAGS

    My kids are now 5 1/2 years older than when I got my first Wrangler, a 2012 JK. It's hard to think of a vehicle as an investment, but really it was. Why JAGS? If you don't know the story here... I got interested in Jeeps after renting one in Sedona on a family vacation. About a year or so...
  8. JAGS

    JL Aftermarket Parts

    With the JL Wrangler being so new, it may be difficult (especially at first) to source aftermarket and/or non-dealer support for parts and upgrades. This thread (also over on JL Wrangler ) could be used by all of us to share any cool finds and...
  9. JAGS

    Happy Hanukkah 2017

    Tonight is the first night of the Festival of Lights. I'm fortunate enough to have grown up in a home and family that celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah.
  10. JAGS

    GoPro Hero3 Silver

    Thinking of parting ways with my GoPro 3. Used just a few times. Have several extra batteries, external charger, cords, etc. Also have clear plastic skeleton and some extra stand clip dodads. Active members only. If interested, shoot me a PM. Going rate on eBay seems to be in the $75 range for...
  11. JAGS

    New Jeep Compass

    I've been really interested in this vehicle since it debuted a while back. I was at the dealership today getting some service on ENVY and they actually had one base model on the lot. Thought I'd share some pics and maybe others can post up any in-person pics they take in the wild...
  12. JAGS

    DIY JK Trunk deck and security enclosure

    This isn’t the toughest project out there. I mean, even a JAGS could do it. I had posted some info about this in my ENVY thread. Received some good feedback and had taken pictures along the way. Since I likely won’t have very opportunities to do a write up, figured I’d take a stab so others...
  13. JAGS

    2012 JKU Black Hardtop - SoCal

    Well, finally considering selling the hardtop. It was on the Jeep for less than two years. Been hanging in the garage for the last 2.5 years. Is in great condition. No major blemishes. Added additional tint to all back windows to help with security/UV. Also includes a silver WAL gear decal...
  14. JAGS

    1 new 37 Trailgrappler and 4 used

    Just throwing this out there to gauge interest. May stick with the TGs. Also looking at the Toyos and the Coopers. So, 1 brand new never touched ground. 4 poorly wheeled and partially chunked with about 45k on them and at about 8/32. New are 21/32. Asking $325 for the new and $65 each for...
  15. JAGS

    C U Next Tuesday

  16. JAGS

    Mobile Vietnam Memorial Wall Exhibit

    Not everyone has a chance to go to the Washington DC memorial wall. I've never been and neither has my son. But we were fortunate enough this Independence Day weekend to have the wall come to us. Well, a scaled replica known as the Mobile Wall exhibit. As luck would have it, my son and I were...
  17. JAGS

    DayStar Lower Dash Panel *FREE*

    I had this on hand thinking I may attach the SwitchPro to it. Ended up putting that in a different location. I can't return as its been too long and really can't sell it for less than you could get from Amazon. So I'm offering it up for free*, with a couple "buyer" conditions. Buyer is an...
  18. JAGS

    Stock 4dr rear driveshaft

    Looking for a stock take-off with low miles if possible. Reply or shoot me a pm if you have one to let go or come across one. Thx. [emoji106]
  19. JAGS

    Rubicon Sway Bar Motors

    My loss is someone's opportunity. I was hoping my issue was motor related, but ended up being electrical (harness/switch). As a result, I now have two, possibly three working sway bar motors up for sale. One motor is pending sale to Piginajeep. The others are available and may consider...
  20. JAGS

    Happy Birthday TrailJK

    Happy birthday!!!! Though unplanned, was cool hanging out on your birthday! [emoji512][emoji322][emoji323][emoji106]
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