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  1. SilverBack

    Bestop rough rider spare tire organizer

    So I’ve had this forever and never used it. I shipped it Kosovo and shipped it back to the US and have moves it from garage to basement to garage again. It’s time to finally let go. I know it will fit over a 35” tire securely. As I test fitted it when I took the photo. I’ve seen them for as...
  2. SilverBack

    Newest member of the SilverBack family

    My wife and I welcomed our daughter, Tessi Alegra into the world at 08:08 on 05/05/2020. Mom and baby are both doing well and bonding wonderfully. I am still recovering from severe dehydration due to so many happy tears and broken ribs from my heart expanding so much. Sent from my iPhone...
  3. SilverBack

    JKUR Hard Rock factory rails.

    These just came off of SilverBack and are available to be shipped (at buyers cost). New these are around $900.00 plus bucks... I’ll let these go for $450.00. (Shipping). No scratches, dents, dings or chips. All hardware to mount this is included. Photos to follow. Sent from my iPhone using...
  4. SilverBack

    Export RHD JKU drivers seat base

    Looking for the Sahara or Rubi RHD drivers seat base with the height adjustment handle. I understand this would be in Australia, NZ, UK and such counties that have RHD JKUs. An undamaged junk yard piece - new in a box part would be acceptable. I also understand that shipping to the US would be...
  5. SilverBack

    Coolant System on 3.6

    Hello everyone, been a minute since I was last on the forum. Been a little busy moving half way around the world and changing jobs. The family and I now find ourselves in NJ. So while scouring the internet for interesting stuff I can across a YouTube video of a guy saying the 3.6 Pentastar...
  6. SilverBack

    High and Low temperatures for the year!

    Everyone has them, so let's see what you've dealt with this year! If there isn't a photo it didn't happen! Low this year was -27 but I haven't got a photo of the thermometer. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  7. SilverBack

    2012 VW Jetta GLI Autobahn 26K miles

    Unfortunately, I am selling my 2012 Jetta GLI Autobahn, for various reasons. The two biggest ones are because my jeep dog isn't compatible with the super clean interior and I require some extra cash to ship my jeep back to the US. The car is in PERFECT condition with 26k mostly freeway...
  8. SilverBack

    EVO 216 Radius Tube Fender Flares

    Is there any word on a release date and price for the tube fenders on Spicy Chicken? Sent from my iPad using WAYALIFE mobile app
  9. SilverBack

    Happy Thanksgiving 2016

    Wishing all my fellow WAYALIFE members and their families a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. Sent from my iPad using WAYALIFE mobile app
  10. SilverBack

    EVO type corners with stock taillights?

    Is there anything like this? I really Ike the EVO corners but also really like the stock taillights. Sent from my iPad using WAYALIFE mobile app
  11. SilverBack

    Road trip through Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Greece

    Getting ready to embark on a short vacation and wanted to share the adventure with the wayalife family. More to come as the trip unfolds.
  12. SilverBack

    Which one and why?

    I'm interested in either the EVO Double D Pro or Enforcer Pro. My jeep will be a semi-daily driver and weekend warrior. Can this that have experience with these lifts chime in and help me decide which to safe for and install! Thanks in advance.
  13. SilverBack

    Nitto Ridge Grappler

    Any information on these tires as of yet ?
  14. SilverBack

    For Sale New-in-box Switch Pros switch system

    All, I have a NIB Switch Pros system for sale. I have opened the box to see it but have never had the desire to replace what I have already installed. I paid $479 +35 shipping. I will let it go for $435 and buyer pays actual shipping USPS (I am at an APO). Anyone at an APO that wants this...
  15. SilverBack

    Rear Window Defrost grid connection

    Ok, so it's the season that requires the use of the defroster on a regular basis. Two days ago mine worked and yesterday it didn't. I found the problem and think I have a solution but wanted to see if the forum might no better....... I know, I know...... Anyway, the connection from the wiring...
  16. SilverBack

    Hill Decent control

    Has anyone else used this on their rig? I used it today as I got myself in a bit of a hairy predicament. Went up a mountain with patches of slick rock and large scree. Got up and it started to rain heavily enough that it all became quite slippery. After trying to wait it out the weather only got...
  17. SilverBack

    Rear Swaybar links

    Not really in need, per say, but would like a set of rear swaybar links off of a 14 or 15 JKUR. I've recently installed a EVO Leveling kit and would like to bring the front sway bar a bit closer to level. I'm not asking for freebies ( though I'd accept) and I'd be willing to pay shipping to an...
  18. SilverBack

    Water crossing ... The good and the bad!

    Had some rushing water fun today!
  19. SilverBack

    Gorilla's super slow Building of SilverBack

    Ordered in June and amended in July of 2014. A brand spanking new JKUR HR, Billet Silver w/black top and fenders. Took Delivery in Bremerhaven Germany on 19 Dec 2014. First Sight.
  20. SilverBack

    EVO Enforcer lifts

    Hey everyone! I am seriously considering an EVO Enforcer 3" lift in the next 6 months. I see there is a 3" Enforcer for 35s and 3" Enforcer for 37s. As I want to go with 35s for the foreseeable future I want to go with the former until I get the itch for bigger shoes. My questions are...
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