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  1. desertrunner

    $3k for a re gear?

    My dad is looking at trying to re gear before our rubicon trip and the 4wp in his area (Sacramento CA) quoted him out the door 3k for a 30/44 4.56s I was thinking maybe 1500-2000 but 3k seems real high. Or is that just the going rate for a re gear now a days?
  2. desertrunner

    single rear seat 2dr

    Anyone have any good write ups for making a bracket for a single bucket in the back of a 2dr? I still have my stock drivers seat and slider bracket just thinking about how to secure it to the floor or the existing mounts back there that's safe enough to put the kid in. I haven't found a company...
  3. desertrunner

    TPMS reset?

    I swapped over my 37s from my 2dr to my 4dr for my memorial weekend trip. When I swapped them the flashing tire light came on and it wasn't reading the PSI. I didn't really care at the time but now I put the 35s back on it and it's still giving me the same check TPMS and flashing light. I tried...
  4. desertrunner

    Evo coilover options questions

    Doing some more future dreaming here but had some questions about Evo coilover set ups and mostly with the rear Evo lever. I really like the cantilever set up but was wondering about different sized coilovers or even without bypass shock options. When I called Evo they told me it's the whole...
  5. desertrunner

    Rear spring options 2dr

    So my current springs set up is evo 2" plush rides + 3/4" spacer in the front and the Old Man Emu 2.25" (no load) rear springs. Sits exactly where I want it unloaded but packing up for wheeling trips its just sags way to much and I'm into the bump stops quite a bit. Loading about 400lbs in the...
  6. desertrunner

    deck over bumper pull

    Getting ready to pull the trigger on a trailer. Been looking real hard for a drive over fender one but they are a bit harder to come by and a few grand more than just going deck over. For those bumper pulling a jeep on a deck over is it sketchy at all putting all that weight that high in the...
  7. desertrunner

    Hemi airbox lid replacement

    looking for some options / ideas on what to replace my AEV hemi airbox lid with. The plastic has been cracked for a while now and this last round of replacing my radiator it now looks like the picture below. I called AEV to see if I could just get a replacement lid and they said they...
  8. desertrunner

    Rear brakes or something worse?

    Pulled out the 2dr today and as I started driving I heard a grinding and squiking noise from the right rear. Pulled the tire to look at the brake pads and they both look almost new but the caliper is rubbing on the rotor and not centered. Almost like for some reason the shaft is pushing the...
  9. desertrunner

    Newest member arrived

    Well it's official the newest little jeeper in our family arrived at 1:50 this morning. Charli Joyce, or CJ for short. Hope to get her and mom home tomorrow
  10. desertrunner

    UD60s / Fusion 60s

    Doing some dream shopping was was just curious where most people are buying their crate UD60s from? Particularly ones with ARB lockers and not E lockers. I feel like the only crates axles I have found online are built with E lockers. Also looking at price for just a front axle Fusion only being...
  11. desertrunner

    PRP daily driver seats

    Set of 2 PRP daily driver seats. Front is Grey and black tweed, back is black vinyl, stitching is kawi green. Brackets and hardware for JK included. Seats are like new. $500 Located in Minot ND Doubt shipping would be worth it but I'm not opposed to looking into it
  12. desertrunner

    6 new codes

    well my 2 door decided to pop on the CEL today and spit out 6 codes for me P0591/579 - cruise control speed switch P0128 - cooling system malfunction B1630/162C - R/L low beam circuit high B1634 - L high beam circuit high A while back i had an issue with my horn staying on constant and for...
  13. desertrunner

    Corbeau trailcat seats

    Anyone have or have sat in the corbeau trailcat seats?
  14. desertrunner

    Mastercraft Baja RS questions

    I think I want to change directions with the seats in my 2dr. Unfortunately the PRP seats I bought while very well made are just not comfortable at all for me and my wife. I know the Baja RS are pretty popular on here so I wanted to ask a few questions about some things that are similar to the...
  15. desertrunner

    GMC 2500 finally ordered

    Well after months of back and forth with the dealership and the on going chip shortage we finally got an order in on a 2022 GMC 2500 Denali with the 6.6L gasser. Pretty dang excited to have a truck again and it will definitely expand our wheeling options being able to tow again. Rough guess on...
  16. desertrunner

    5, 17x9 ATX 195s

    Probably a long shot on here but worth a try. I have my old 2dr wheels for sale 5, 17x9, ATX 195s, 4.5" backspace. I do have boxes to ship but honestly not really worth it for the price. Located in Minot ND $400
  17. desertrunner

    Black hills SD labor day

    Anyone interested in trying to wheel for a day or 2 over labor day weekend up in the black hills?
  18. desertrunner

    5.7 hemi exhaust manifold options

    For anyone out there running a 5.7 hemi in their JK curious what options are out there for manifolds? Mine has fallen victim to the manifold bolts breaking and I'm trying to figure out the best way forward. Most of the Ram guys out there have been down the road of replacing the bolts 2 to 3...
  19. desertrunner

    Spidertrax spacers: SOLD

    4, 1.5" spidertrax spacers. 5x5 bolt pattern. Had them on my 2dr jk for about 10k miles don't need them with the new wheels. **SOLD**
  20. desertrunner

    lug nut length for TR beadlocks

    If anyone has TRs on JK stock hubs what length lug nuts are you using? The stock length ones I had don't fit. Seems like many on here are using 3" Gorilla lugs but im not seeing any in black. The brand I have has 1.9" ones but id hate to order and find out they are too short too.
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