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  1. Judesign

    Guy gets tired of jeep parts thieves - sets trap Not a bad idea. Lol Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  2. Judesign

    Need help with new engine noise

    Hey guys I thought I would get some opinions before I take it to the dealer. So it’s a 2017 jkur with about 9300 on the odometer. Runs great no codes. I get this whining noise on cold starts after it’s sat for at least 4-5 hours. I’ve done my best to pinpoint where it’s coming from and from what...
  3. Judesign

    Mcgregor vs mayweather

    Anyone interested? I'm pulling for Mcgregor KO even though that's a huge long shot. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  4. Judesign

    Funny poster in moab hospital

    Well we are in moab for the first time and unfortunately my girlfriends allergies are causing some respiratory issues. No big deal and getting treated but in the emergency room is a map of moab and corresponding accident locations. Looks like most of the jeep injuries were around poison spider...
  5. Judesign

    Enforcer with king shocks installed

    Finally got everything done. Didn't bother with a full blown build thread since most of this stuff has been done plenty of times. Anyways here's where my jkur sits now. Still plenty left to do... List includes Enforcer 4" Evo drag link flip kit King evo spec shocks Cooper discover stt pros...
  6. Judesign

    Warn Zeon Question

    Sorry to beat a dead horse here but I could use some opinions. Situation is that I'm selling my 2 door having just bought an unlimited rubicon. Warn Zeon 8 on the 2 door is fairly new. Should I move the Zeon 8 over to the heavier 4 door and call it good, or sell the 8 with the 2 door and buy the...
  7. Judesign

    New addition to the fam. 17 JKUR

    Well as much as I love my 2 door the thought of cramming it full and still having room for girl and dog for a 2 week trip to Colorado and Utah seemed daunting. So while kicking around the idea of looking at a 4 door for the extra space and maaaaaybe even a rubicon for lockers/sway disconnect/...
  8. Judesign

    Finally fixed rough idle and misfire

    After a week at the dealer and them saying 'we can't recreate the problem' I picked my JEEP up and about 10 miles away the same hesitation I've had comes back and turns into misfires on cylinder 2 and 5. Limped home and pulled the easily accessible plug wires to find this. Replaced the coil pack...
  9. Judesign

    Only took 106 years. CUBS WIN

    Wow cubs win the World Series.
  10. Judesign

    Snap on underhood worklight

    For anyone whose interested I've been looking at options for underhood worklights and many of the led lights I've seen are overpriced and honestly not very bright. So while searching around I found these snap on led lights that you can get online or like I did from Costco for 29.00. They're...
  11. Judesign

    UFC 202 And beyond - who ya got?

    For the mma fans here who's going to win the rematch tonight? Some good fights on this card.
  12. Judesign

    Jks quicker disconnects 0-2" lift. New in box

    Anyone interested in jks quicker disconnects for 0-2 inches of lift? Brand new in box. $100. Buyer pays shipping
  13. Judesign

    Big wave from San Antonio TX

    Hey guys I've been soaking up the info and hemorrhaging money building and part buying. Feels good to finally pay the jeep off and graduate school so I can finally start showing up for some of these wayalife trips. Anyway thanks for all of the info and I hope to see you guys on the trail
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