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  1. Shadow's_Jeep

    FURY Pink Jeep JL Wrangler - SEMA 2022

    Last thing I need is for my wife to see a picture of this Pick Jeep...LOL
  2. Shadow's_Jeep

    ONE WEEK till SEMA 2022!!

    Waiting to see what your completed Gladiator looks like. Been watching Mel Wades videos on it build up.
  3. Shadow's_Jeep


    Happy New Year Everyone.
  4. Shadow's_Jeep


    Merry Christmas.
  5. Shadow's_Jeep

    Hello from Oregon

    Welcome to Wayalife from Keizer, Oregon.
  6. Shadow's_Jeep

    Hello from Reno

    Welcome to Wayalife.
  7. Shadow's_Jeep

    New member from Texas

    Welcome to Wayalife.
  8. Shadow's_Jeep

    Jon from Vegas.

    Welcome to Wayalife.
  9. Shadow's_Jeep

    Shawn from Virginia

    Welcome to Wayalife.
  10. Shadow's_Jeep

    Wave from Tennessee

    Welcome to Wayalife.
  11. Shadow's_Jeep

    Roof Rack + Snorkel = Overland?

    Read all the way to 2nd page before I realized in forum years that this thread was older than dirt...good read anyway.
  12. Shadow's_Jeep

    VIDEO : What Should be the First Mod?

    1st mod we put on my wife's 19 JL when we bought it new, was a set of Enhanced Rubicon Rock Rails. Only paid $300.00 for them at the time.
  13. Shadow's_Jeep

    Hello from Pennsyltucky

    Welcome to Wayalife.
  14. Shadow's_Jeep

    VIDEO : Trimmed the Body Trim on our Jeep Gladiator Bed

    looks great with the fender trim.
  15. Shadow's_Jeep

    What was done to your rig this week?

    Installed new Clutch Pressure Plate an trow out bearing , along new flywheel and rear main seal.
  16. Shadow's_Jeep


    Great video, reminds me when I got stuck on the Beach in Oregon the 1st time I had my JKU on the Oregon Dunes.
  17. Shadow's_Jeep

    38's - Are They the New 37?

    I'm currently running 35's on a D-30, so 37's are out of question with changing to after market D-44. Let alone a 38.
  18. Shadow's_Jeep

    Back in a jeep..building a mojave jt.

    Welcome back, Congrats on the new JT.
  19. Shadow's_Jeep

    Greetings from SW Georgia

    Welcome to Wayalife from ,Oregon
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