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    Differential cover or skid plate? Pros and cons?

    I can’t decide on a differential cover or a differential skid plate. What have you guys experienced with them?
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    Lesson learned about 4wheel parts

    Was going to purchase a lift from 4 wheel parts. Canceled the order because they tried to sell me a bunch of items I did not need. I gave them 600 in cash and 400 on a card. Got the refund on the card but have been waiting about 3 1/2 weeks for my cash. If you decide to buy from them, use a...
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    Differential oil change

    I am going to be changing the oil in my diffs. 2008 rubicon. Would love to hear what others are using and maybe some reviews on how they like it.
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    Wave from Albuquerque.

    Funny thing is also ride a Harley too. Now I’m waving at everyone! Life is good!
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    I was wondering if anyone has had a bad experience with 4 wheel parts? Was shopping with them for a lift and was going to have them do the install since I don’t have the time. They tried to tell me I need an entire steering system for an additional $1700. I think they’re full of it.
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    Mounting a cobra 29 in a 2008 jk. Any ideas on a good spot?

    i saw a write up on mounting a cb on the dash. Can someone let me know what the thread is called.
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