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    Door cart DIY

    Looking to buy another place and move... so the wife’s “suggestions” of purging has begun. 2 old furniture Dollys were on the list to be thrown away.... decided to repurpose them and throw away the generator that sat on them for 15 years without being used, ever. I didn’t think they...
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    Bump while driving

    2017 JKU, pretty much stock, except a few cosmetic upgrades (bumpers), 31k Miles, never wheeled too hard. Lately I’ve noticed a jolt when starting from a stop or slow roll while in city driving. I have been trying to figure out if it’s worthy of a dealership visit, but I’d like to narrow it...
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    AC Compressor

    Best offer Happy Friday!
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    New Half Doors

    Saw this on TV promoting the Auto Show. Will the new half doors have some sort of pop out panel to make them pseudo tubular? If so, perhaps they’ll be some similar aftermarket options made for JK.
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    Service disappointment

    Figured some of you would get a kick out of this. About 3 weeks ago I finally made the appointment to get the cup holder lights fixed in my 2017 JKU. (22k Miles) I didn’t want to forget and get to 36,001, but the cup holder lights aren’t a real priority. It flickered for a while and finally...
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    Wave 2.0

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted, despite lurking in the shadows. Life got away from me and I stopped checking in on here as much. Wasn’t sure how I was going to start posting again - not that my rookie experience was valuable to anyone. After pondering it for a few weeks I decided a wave...
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    Who's is it?

    Saw this coming into gatlinburg TN from the smokeys
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    Any WAL'ers involved?

    Anyone from here involved? Caution: it's hard to contain the tears
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    New Jeep

    Got a 2017 JKU Sport in Rhino. I had a 2014 Sahara with some issues and they ended up buying it back, which allowed me to upgrade for very very little money. Sport S with Cold Weather New jeep has BFG KO2, LEDs, they allowed me to keep my 430N from Sahara..which sounds great on the new...
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    Stock fog lights - Chicago area

    2017 LED fog lights Granite metallic front bumper applique Make an offer, cash or trade. Shipping on your dime
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    Ubering to support Jeep life

    So I started ubering on my way home from work to get some extra cash for mods. So far I've gotten a really high feedback picking people up in my JKU. Lots of compliments and overall good vibes for having a cool vehicle. Anyone else jumped on the Uber wagon?
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    Electrical cord

    Found this while poking around under the hood (2014 JKU) looks like it's zip tied to a bundle of cables then disappears under the engine. Safe to assume I have an engine block heater I didn't know about? Any additional clues to verify ?
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    Rear end body damage - need pics

    Hey all I'm having an issue with insurance in getting some body damage fixed as a result of a rear end collision. Fun, I know. I've attached pics of what mine looks like.. was going to shoot to a dealership to take pics of what a new one looks like. The jack and lug wrench won't come out of...
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    I'm trying to clean out the garage and I have a few doubles, or tools I no longer need. I figured I would offer them up for a good deal on here first, possibly for trade(s) before Craigslist. Everything is used, but in working order. No manuals or anything ... I bought most of it from...
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    Clicking sound in dash

    Every couple of minutes I hear a clicking sound (similar to a relay) behind the dash... Hard to pinpoint exact location but it sounds like where my left knee is when I'm driving. At first I didn't think anything of it, but I was sitting at a train crossing earlier and heard it a few times...
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    Looking for recommendations for some new bumpers. Right now I'm stock tires, no lift. Looking to replace the stock bumpers that were damaged in an accident last weekend. 2014 Unlimited Billet Sahara I prefer Made in USA and seem to gravitate towards the mid width, and I really like the...
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    Charlie - 2003'ish - 2016

    I had to put my loyal Chocolate Lab, Charlie, down last night. I got him from the shelter the day I moved out of my parents' house, into my own house. He was brought there as a stray and I always wondered where he came from because he was such a good dog from day 1. I also wondered if...
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    JKU Sandwich

    This morning on the way to take my newly turned (today) 9 year old daughter out for her birthday, a guy in a Silverado lost his brakes (while lighting a cigarette) and smashed us into a Chrysler 200. My daughter claimed it was the worst birthday ever... she was scared but nothing a big gulp...
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    Need to be talked off a ledge...

    Back story: August 2016: after saving for years I bought a 2014 JKU Sahara with 20k miles on it from a reputable local car dealer (non Jeep) I didn't know any better and Bought a Canadian Jeep. No warranty. Within the last few weeks: Smelled coolant, found a small leak on radiator. I...
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    Transmission Valve Body / Conductor Plate

    Are these the same things? I have the hooting sound in my warranty-less stateside Canadian '14 JKU and it doesn't look too difficult to swap out while I'm in there for a trans flush and filter. I wanted to make sure I got the right part. Thanks
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