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  1. jkris

    Does it matter if brake fluid is synthetic

    This may sound like a stupid question, and it probably is. But I don't want to die a fiery death because my brakes failed. I'm curious if I bought Pennzoil synthetic brake fluid like in Eddies write up, if it would be bad to pour in if there is the Mopar brake fluid still in the master cylinder...
  2. jkris

    Best bikini top?

    I am looking at getting a bikini top for my 2 door JK. It is very sunny here in FL and my two girls are very fair skinned. I want to run topless but don't want to fry my poor kids. It does rain very hard here sometimes almost daily during the summer with little warning. Any suggestions? Sent...
  3. jkris

    Jeep Patriot aka Terrorwagon aka wife mobile.

    Here is the wife's Jeep. She ended up trading in her used white 2010 JKU Sport after the transmission went out after 50,000 miles. The warranty had just expired three months before so Chrysler wouldn't repair. I will give the dealer credit, they argued with them for at least an hour on the phone...
  4. jkris

    Need input on replacement lift

    So here I am getting ready to drop some coin on a new lift. Replacing my Teraflex 2.5 BB. My front is sagging pretty good and really I could use the uptravel now. I am wanting to get around 2.5 to preferably 3". I have a 2 dr with front and rear bumpers replaced and winch. Now I have narrowed...
  5. jkris

    Surf Blue Islander Build

    After many years of lurking on this forum I am finally getting around to my build thread. Reasons for lurking for so long (albeit lame ones) are deployments, training, crappy Internet when overseas, quietly learning before speaking, and finally life in general as I have two young kids and a...
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