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  1. whispike

    Wave from So Cal

    Hello all, I’ve been pretty inactive for awhile and I just wanted to give you all a wave and say hello and I hope everyone has a great 2022! Hopefully I’ll see some of you out on the trails this year!
  2. whispike

    Cracks in tires

    Is it normal to get cracks within the treads of your tires? I’ve had these Trail Grapplers for three years and roughly 30k miles on them and they are getting dry rott looking cracks on them. I was advised to get new tires. Was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Sent from my...
  3. whispike

    Coolant level

    The coolant level on my 2014 Wrangler is below the minimum line on the overflow tank. To top it off do I add coolant to the overflow tank or to the radiator? Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  4. whispike

    EVO Control Arm

    ****Update**** Item has been sold Anyone interested in a pair of EVO front lower control arms with roughly 25k miles on them? Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  5. whispike

    Easter Jeep Safari

    Thinking of heading out to Moab for the EJS. Does anyone have any recommendations for a first timer? Would I need to register for the event? I have an RV so are there any specific campgrounds to stay at etc...
  6. whispike

    Short arms vs long arms

    It was recommended to me by a local shop to go with Currie full shorts arms over a long arm kit. Mainly to help center my axles in the wheel wells, get the caster right and they said it would allow 11 inches of rear travel. What are some of your thoughts on this? Sent from my iPhone using...
  7. whispike

    Big Bear Forest Fest

    Anyone going to Big Bear Forest Fest this weekend?
  8. whispike

    5 General Grabbers Red Letter 35 inch

    If anyone is interested I have (5) 35x12.50R17 General Grabbers- red letters for sale. They are in good condition with four of the tires having 29,000 miles on them and the 5th tire has never been used. Located in So Cal. Los Angeles area. Asking $500 for them.
  9. whispike

    Tailgate door stop

    Have you ever been parked on a not so level surface and needed to keep your tailgate open but couldn't because the weight of the spare tire and the slope you were kept shutting it? I was just wondering what you guys have come up with to remedy this problem besides moving to a flatter surface.
  10. whispike

    Stock Front and Rear Bumpers

    Edit: Front bumper no longer available If anyone is looking for a stock front or rear bumper off of a 2014 JK Sport I have a set that you can have for free if you are willing to pick them up or pay for shipping.
  11. whispike

    EVO Rock Sliders for sale

    Edit: These have been sold. Have a set of EVO Rock Sliders that I'm looking to sell. They are brand new and still in the packaging they came in from Northridge. They are slightly angled out for better use as a step. Would prefer to sell local but if you're willing to pay shipping I'll do that...
  12. whispike

    Rock Slide Engineering Step Sliders

    Anybody have any experience with these? Been considering them for some time now but haven't pulled the trigger yet, haven't actually seen them in person so some of your opinions would be great
  13. whispike

    Wave from Los Angeles

    Hey y'all, Been a member of this site for a few years now but never really posted. Mostly just snooped around, maybe because I didn't have a jeep but always wanted one(I did have a Cherokee back in college about 20 years ago). Well about a year and a half ago I purchased a 2014 Jk and have been...
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