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  1. JAGS

    Whiskey of the Day

    I had a one night stay after dropping my daughter off in Santa Cruz for college. Next time I’m up that way I’ll hit you up. if you are ever down in socal swing on by. Bring my bumper and sliders with you. Lol. which reminds me. Need to look at placing some orders….finally.
  2. JAGS

    Whiskey of the Day

    Been stocking up on top shelf stuff for the last few months. No pics but this weekend in Paso I picked up a whistle pig rye10yr and Taylor single barrel. Got both for the price of Taylor I’ve seen closer to home.. so why not. Only die once! I’ll live well every day till then. Been collecting...
  3. JAGS

    After Almost 30 Years...

    I dropped my iPhone at the airport many years back. Cracked the screen and not the way to start a vacation in Maui. I found a local spot to replace the glass and was good as new in a couple hours. (Pick Leo up after a Costco shopping trip). Hopefully you can just replace the glass in similar...
  4. JAGS

    Next Generation JL Fun for JAGS

    Hardly drive this other than what has been several trips to AZ. Will need some TLC for sure. And a lift, bigger tires, new bumper, tire carrier. Lol. It will be polished before the next time I see you. Hopefully that time is getting closer. Siena is heading up to Santa Cruz this week for move in.
  5. JAGS

    ALL ELECTRIC Jeep Recon... Thoughts??

    I’m not ready for the EV train. Certainly wouldn’t want this to be my first. I’ll stick with my gas JL. Or a JT. from a looks standpoint could be a lot work. But why not make an EV grand Cherokee. Or an update to a trail ready EV compass/Cherokee. guessing one of the existing models will...
  6. JAGS

    So Cal Jeep Bash Sept 10th

    In my back yard, but this is the last weekend before my daughter heads off to college. There’s always next year. 😉😎
  7. JAGS

    VIDEO : HOW TO Replace the Main & Auxiliary Battery on a JL Wrangler / JT Gladiator

    Just want to thank Eddie for this great vid. 👍 I was able to swap everything in under 2 hrs start to finish. This alone is an amazing feat. Ha ha. I posted details in my JAGS JL thread. note: Eddie’s vid is literally the only vid online mentioning the E torx for the aux battery. Saved me a lot...
  8. JAGS

    Next Generation JL Fun for JAGS

    I pretty much have forgotten what “mods” are let alone a build thread. And even longer since I’ve needed to take a wrench to the jeep for anything. That said, my batteries finally went. So I remembered Eddie’s great video about the aux and main battery swap. So I got a aux battery from auto...
  9. JAGS

    VIDEO : HOW TO Replace the Main & Auxiliary Battery on a JL Wrangler / JT Gladiator

    I’ll more likely spend well over 15 minutes just trying to get the bolt I drop in a place I can’t reach. Ha ha But I truly appreciate the confidence. Lol I’m gonna watch the vid again and make sure I have everything I will need on hand. Only thing I need to check for is the bit to swap those...
  10. JAGS

    VIDEO : HOW TO Replace the Main & Auxiliary Battery on a JL Wrangler / JT Gladiator

    Well. Just watched this vid again as my battery/ies decided to finally bite the bullet. seems I need set aside some hrs to get this done. Aside from the vid, which breaks down everything in detail, any other advice from others or new tips from you Eddie? Looks like I’ll need to swap posts on...
  11. JAGS

    VIDEO : Tailgate Antenna Mount Install & Wiring for JL Wrangler

    Great video. I need to do all this very soon. Thanks for sharing.
  12. JAGS

    WAYALIFE on the GO : Miscellaneous Photos from Cindy & Eddie!

    That’s awesome. Congrats and cheers to you both. And to many more!
  13. JAGS

    Rock sliders for JL

    Should be ready in two weeks. Lol.
  14. JAGS

    WAYALIFE on the GO : Miscellaneous Photos from Cindy & Eddie!

    Ah yes….the picon punch. And good friends too. Cheers!
  15. JAGS

    VIDEO : The Other Rubicon PART 1 - Wentworth Springs to the Soup Bowl

    Nice to see some old school Wayalifers. Glad you dusted off this footage. Fun to watch some hard wheeling. 😎 I’ve been missing the dirt more lately. This vid didn’t help my itch. Lol. Hopefully can get back out soon.
  16. JAGS

    Happy Birthday America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Wow. The more you explore the more amazing your property is looking.
  17. JAGS

    Whiskey of the Day

    Been on a whiskey kick lately. Slowly starting to build a decent collection. A local bar has a great selection so I’ve been sampling purchase options. The bartender has great knowledge and backstories of many of the top shelf bourbons/whiskeys. Last night I went with the Taylor and the Thomas...
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    Wines of the Week

  19. JAGS

    VIDEO : CRAZY About the 8

    Congrats! It’s like jet went away only to come back better, stronger, faster. Look forward to learning more about what else is part of the 392 package you got as some other suspension/axle things look different from a JL rubicon.
  20. JAGS

    Next Generation JL Fun for JAGS

    Thanks Tom. Been too long. Hope you and Susan are doing well.
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