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  1. jtpedersen

    Industrial Engineering

    Driving a USFS trail in Michigan's western Upper Peninsula, starting passing by this lake. Then did a double-take over my shoulder. Had to stop and admire. Biggest beaver dam I've personally seen. At the middle it's a good 6-8' tall. Across it's length, perhaps 75'. For reference, that lodge...
  2. jtpedersen

    Essence o' Exploration

  3. jtpedersen

    Jump Batteries - Recommended?

    Ended up going with a NOCO Boost. Have played with it, with electronics. Haven't had need to actually try jumping anything w/it though. Gave some peace of mind while touring out west. Dual-battery sys will go in next season. Thanks all.
  4. jtpedersen

    Should I get a JL or JT

    The things you see, just driving down the trail, in Wyoming.
  5. jtpedersen

    LOD Slider - Metalcloak Underpants

    Stitch currently wears LOD sliders, Metacloak underpants. Folks have asked me how well the armor has held up. Thought I'd share these picks. We've taken some good bashes, though not nearly as many since doing our lift. I've nothing to complain about. Has far outperformed the EVO armor Stitch...
  6. jtpedersen

    Jump Batteries - Recommended?

    Howdy, Thought I'd try and get a Tacklife jump battery via Wayalife's Amazon store. After weeks of delay, cancelled the order. What other jump start batteries are some of you using, that you'd recommend? ?
  7. jtpedersen

    Makings of a NTSB Investigation

    Criticism expected, and received, but if no one ever shares, there's nothing for others to learn from. Sympathy? Just you being a jerk again OverlanderJK. Nothing I said suggested anything like that. I don't seem to recall, in the years I've seen you blather on, admitting to an error in...
  8. jtpedersen

    POLL : How do You Feel About Jeep Being Owned by the Chinese?

    Hard to answer this one. It's by no means a black/white issue. A multinational based in Europe, it's easiest to say Wrangler's now a Dutch product. Looking at 'domestic content' as a metric does not provide a clean answer. How deep into the supply chain is that evaluated? For instance, if...
  9. jtpedersen

    6.2L Gen V LT Gladiator - Would You be Interested?

    An interesting perspective, especially if Jeep were predominantly Wrangler-focused. An electric Wrangler, well off the grid somewhere, certainly wouldn't be appealing. However, looking at '19 number, about 200K of the 923K Jeeps sold, were Wranglers. They can easily electrify a large portion...
  10. jtpedersen

    Hello from Pear Tree Ranch!

    Enjoyed the pics. Welcome :)
  11. jtpedersen

    Makings of a NTSB Investigation

    We generally carry 5 gallons water, not counting other drinks we may also have. We top off whenever opportunity permits. My experience and of others I've discussed with, is the JK's ebrake is poor. It's a topic I've tried having dealers address and it's an item I've asked the shop to look at...
  12. jtpedersen

    Makings of a NTSB Investigation

    Glad to hear you saved yourself a lot of time by not having read it then.
  13. jtpedersen

    Makings of a NTSB Investigation

    Couple weeks ago, my wife and I had a major t'do, putting us in a potential life threatening situation in the blink of an eye. But like many major incidents NTSB might investigate, the end result was often simply the last in a thread of issues leading up to it. Hopefully our lessons learned can...
  14. jtpedersen

    Hello from Michigan

    Yes they have. And, welcome :)!
  15. jtpedersen

    She big now!

    Looks nice. They do tend to grow on y ou, in more way than one.
  16. jtpedersen

    POLL : How Much are You Planning to Spend on Your Jeep This Year?

    Of course, wrote this, forgot about unplanned expenses. $1,500 already. Had to replace the rear axles seals...that should've been done when re-gearing was done last year. One bad shock. And, had to send the front Wood's driveshaft in for repair. <10K on it, developed vibration. Fixed w/o issue...
  17. jtpedersen

    POLL : How Much are You Planning to Spend on Your Jeep This Year?

    First visit back in a while. Like the new forum design. Kudos. Last year, was the big year for us. Seems most years are in the $1-5K range, as will this year. Last year was the lift/wheels/interior/yaddi yaddi. I am pleased to say we're 'just about there.' Need to dump CB this year, go to...
  18. jtpedersen

    Jeep. And the places you will go.

    ...early in the morning :).
  19. jtpedersen

    Sometimes. You Just Can't Help Yourself

    y'know :)
  20. jtpedersen

    He Didn't Have To--But It Was Appreciated

    Impressed with 67 Designs. Have ordered a few things from them of late. Received the accompanying hand-signed card from their CEO. Not necessary, certainly appreciated. Nice to see these little touches here and there.
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