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  1. RCC

    Preset tire deflators?

    I currently use an ARB deflator and it works as intended. I’ve seen some ads about preset tire deflators. Does anyone here use them? Pros/Cons?
  2. RCC

    Need advice on front marker/turn signal lights

    After my last outing I’m having to replace the fenders on my JT. I’ve bought a full set of Genright fenders and they are currently being painted. The new fenders use a small 3/4” amber light, I assume this serves as the front marker and turn signal? Does anyone have this set up? I worry the...
  3. RCC

    Looking for JK Dana 44 and 30 parts

    I am looking for spindles, brake calibers, brackets, backing plates, hardware, etc for JK Dana 44 and 30 axles for a project I am working on. If anyone has any or all of this stuff and will ship please let me know. Pics of what I have to show what I am missing.
  4. RCC

    Happy 3/08 Day

  5. RCC

    Experiencing Moab for the first time

    We are headed to Colorado in July and have decided to plan a trip to Moab for thanksgiving(late november). Having never been to Moab, about how days would you guys think we need to experience some of the trails? I know its a huge place and the weather that time of year could be good or bad but...
  6. RCC

    JT Bed Storage Ideas

    I already have a Decked system and it performs as advertised. But here is my problem. Living where we do in Texas its a fairly long drive to get to anywhere with trails and rocks. So anytime we go we load everything in our Gladiator and go, two adults and teenager involves hauling a lot of crap...
  7. RCC

    To those who have accidentally removed a tail light or two……

    Ive seen just about every gladiator that’s wheeled hard get a tail light knocked out. When this happens is the tail light usually reusable and the bolts shear off or does it mean the tail light is garbage? I know damage will occur but I like being ready for repairs when it happens. I’ve read...
  8. RCC

    School me on radios please

    I am completely ignorant when it comes to radio communication. I have a Midland GMRS radio in my Gladiator now. Reading Eddie’s New Years run thread I see PCI and Rugged Radios are required, I can’t make the trip out west but I would like have the right equipment for future runs. Can someone...
  9. RCC

    Looking for a black King decal

    One of my reservoir stickers got messed up due to me not paying attention. I’ve emailed King and Evo with no answer yet. Would anyone have an extra they would sell me? See 2nd pic. Thanks in advance.
  10. RCC

    Going to Hot Springs Off Road Park for New Years

    As the title says we are heading to Arkansas for New Years. Has anyone here been and care to share their experience? I am aware of the 3 badge trails there but are there others that I should make sure and hit? Going for 4 days so I hope I can get to a lot of it.
  11. RCC

    Rugged Ridge DRL fender chop light issue

    Installed the rugged ridge fender chop lights over the weekend. I installed per instructions for a factory LED Jeep. There is a message that periodically pops up saying the turn signals are out. The rugged ridge lights blink at a normal speed, the factory tail lights seem like they are...
  12. RCC


    For sale- Fox Elite 2.5 adjustable reservoir shocks for 2-3 inch lift with Fox 2.0 steering stabilizer. 250 miles on them and then went another way. $1800 plus shipping.
  13. RCC

    Spent a few days in Big Bend National Park

    The family and I spent 5 days in Big Bend this past week. We had a really great time and put some mileage on our JT. None of the trails were very hard but there was a lot of beautiful scenery. On a few obstacles at max flex I noticed I was rubbing the fenders some. Is this par for the course or...
  14. RCC

    JL/JT’s on 40’s

    I’ve got question for you guys/gals who run 40’s on your JL/JT’s and use a taser. Is there a relearn process with the trans? My JT seems to really like cruising in 6th gear at 65mph and 3,000 rpms. It will eventually shift to 7th but it seems to hang in 6th for a good while. My taser is set to...
  15. RCC

    Issue with TPMS sensor

    I recently finished up my 2021 JT lift/wheels/etc. After completion my drivers side rear will not read either of the 2 TPMS sensors I’ve tried. It’s my understanding that the sensor for the rear sensors sits on a cross member high up under the bed. This sensor was removed during the build but...
  16. RCC

    Help with with Taser Lite on JL

    I bought a Taser Lite for my 2018 JL to be able to lower the air pressure, adjust the tire size, and get rid of the auto start/stop. I installed it per the instructions and found that the lighted gear selector around the gear shift would remain lit and the outside temp gauge was reading about...
  17. RCC

    How much is the factory JT Rubicon suspension worth?

    My gladiator is getting taken apart next week all the suspension, wheels, tires, etc is coming out. Wheels and tires is easy enough to price but what is a fair asking price for the Dana 44’s, shocks, and suspension components? Edit- My gladiator has 2,000 miles on it.
  18. RCC

    Dual battery options

    Now that I own a JL and JT I have decided I do not like the factory dual battery set up from a maintenance stand point. My thought or fear is that when the small battery decides to go out that it will leave us stranded out in BFE. I do have jump boxes in both vehicles. I have been looking at...
  19. RCC

    So we watched F9 this evening……

    It was ridiculous and entertaining as expected. It also starred a pretty nice JT sporting what looks like a full Evo build.
  20. RCC

    Pro Eagle mounting on a Decked box

    I have a Pro Eagle jack and mount. I am wanting to mount it to my Decked box. This the jack mount- I had ordered an extra set of rails when I ordered from Decked but now realize the recesses in the box aren’t wide enough to fit the rails. I had also ordered some nuts that lock in to the...
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