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  1. JudeinPa

    Thrust angle question

    I have been having a wandering problem with my JK since last November. It started right after installing a set of new Synergy HD ball joints. it settled down a little but is still wandering. Measuring my caster with a angle finder noticed that my passenger side ball joint is 4.5 degrees and my...
  2. JudeinPa

    Yukon gear pinion nut

    Had my gears replaced (4:56) about a year ago by a 4x4 shop. I had purchased a set of Adams drive shafts and ran into a problem with the rear pinion nut. after I removed the stock driveshaft and started to remove the rear pinion nut I noticed it was badly deformed. It appeared to have been put...
  3. JudeinPa

    Ball Joint Replacement

    I own a 2015 JKU and recently replaced my ball joints with Synergy HD ball joints. My rig has a 2.5" lift and before I replaced the ball joints it handled good with a slight pull to the right due to the bad joints. After replacing the ball joints my steering got flighty and reminded me of when...
  4. JudeinPa

    Dana 44 differential cover bolt thread size

    Anyone know the thread size for Dana spicer 44 differential covers?
  5. JudeinPa

    2015 Jeep Wrangler Trackbar Issue

    About 2 weeks ago I noticed that when I made a low speed left turn there was a popping sound coming from the front end. I was thinking it might be the axle u-joint going bad. Checked the trackbar when turning the steering wheel and had no signs of anything wrong or any play in it. I took a road...
  6. JudeinPa

    ABS, Traction Control and Brake light flashing intermittently

    I have been having a problem with ABS, Traction Control and brake light flashing intermittently along with the speedometer dropping to 0 and back to the correct speed at speeds up to 65-70 mph. At night the headlights and dash lights would flicker. Traction control light stayed on until I...
  7. JudeinPa

    Auxiliary reverse light wiring question

    I would like to hook up some rear auxiliary lighting that will work when I use reverse. I also want to control when I want it to light up with a switch. Something like how factory fog lights only go on with the low beam or not at all. The lighting would be used for off road and don't want to be...
  8. JudeinPa

    Synergy 1.5" 5X5 Wheel Spacers

    These were bought new and have been on my JK from Mid April till December 2015. $120.00 + shipping. PM me if interested. Thank you. Sold
  9. JudeinPa

    PA State Insection FAIL Wheel Spacers

    I just went to have my JK inspected by the dealer and was told that everything passed but the wheel spacers. According to the tech PA. law states that any wheel spacer over 1/4" is not allowed. If anyone here from PA. that has any documentation I could print as I was told I can either provide...
  10. JudeinPa

    Any experience a engine stall at highway speeds?

    I own a 2015 Sahara auto and my wife and were driving on the Pa Turnpike 476 driving about 70 miles per hour when the engine stalled for a brief second. My wife was driving and the engine cut off, tires seemed to freeze up and a red dash light came on and went out. My wife didn't know which...
  11. JudeinPa

    Question for anyone running Rancho rear extended brake lines

    Yes, another question about extended brake lines…..Normally you torque the stock banjo bolt to 23 ft pounds. I just purchased a set of Rancho rear brake lines and they came with new banjo bolts but look thinner than the stock bolts as the have a larger hole which seem to make them more prone to...
  12. JudeinPa

    Opinions on Extended Brake Line Length

    I just installed a set of front S/S extended brake lines on a 2.5" lift. I purchased a set that was made for 4 to 6" lift and they measure 23.75" in length. After install I noticed they were too short to zip tie to the shocks. I also have a pulled line on the passenger side and developed a slow...
  13. JudeinPa

    Options on Adjusting Caster

    I have been looking at several options to adjust my caster back to the normal range. Some of the options are buying a pre-set lower control arms such as the Teraflex Sport Arms or a set of the AEV Geometry Correction Front Control Arm Brackets. The brackets seem to a good option as you gain...
  14. JudeinPa

    Front Brakeline Question on 2.5" Lift

    In checking out many 2.5" spring lift kit options available on the market and viewing each kits installation manual (pdf) there are a few ways of moving or adjusting the front brakelines. One kit I was looking at comes with drop brakets to move the brake lines lower while another kit...
  15. JudeinPa

    Adding Some Lift

    First off I would like say that I am so glad this forum is here! I have been reading through a lot of threads on "Lift Kits" and found so much info and what kits are recommended or preferred. This really helps with trial & error as you don't want to sink money and then change something down the...
  16. JudeinPa

    Hello from Northeast Pa.

    Howdy all! I am new to Jeep JK ownership. Just ordered a Jeep JKU Sahara 2015 last September and received in in about 4 weeks in October. Love it and can't figure out why I never owned one as I have had a lot of 4 wheelers. My wife still can't figure out why other Jeep owners are waving as we...
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