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    Exploring a Place Where Time Stands Still

    Thanks for sharing your trip. I love visiting mining sites like that. It’s in really good shape. I don’t understand the need to destroy.
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    A Search for a Mineral Not Mined in Nevada

    Love your trips and the history behind it.
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    VIDEO : Transfer Case Fluid Change Service HOW TO - JL Wrangler / JT Gladiator

    Great video. I have done mine, easy to do. I always find it’s better to change fluid more often. Ripley always steals the show.
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    VIDEO : Bone Stock Jeep JL Wrangler Sport with Street Tires in the Snow

    Great video. I love that first snow before anyone else gets on it. Ripley always brings a laugh. Glad you include Ripley at the end.
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    VIDEO : A Random Point on a Paper Map

    Thank you for sharing. Great video. I prefer maps. Better overall view. Good to explore and stumble upon things. Beautiful sight you and your Dad found.
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    First Time on the Rubicon with Our Gladiator

    Thanks for sharing. Always interesting to hear other people’s experiences on the trail. I have no use for the SXS. Most are rude and don’t care.
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    VIDEO : BEFORE WE MOD - Stock Measurements of a Jeep JL Wrangler 2 Door Sport

    Great video. I wish I would of thought of taking those measurements with the tires off. What a great ending with Ripley. That was funny.
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    Great video. What you had to say was right on. Enjoyed the new shoes for Ripley.
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    Enjoyed the video especially the lead and the end.
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    VIDEO : Where in the Hell Have We Been?

    Thank you for sharing what is going on in your personal life. It brought memories of our parents when we went through what you are going through.
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    Heading Through the High Rock - A Northern Nevada Adventure

    Thanks for sharing your trips. These are trips that I always look forward to. This will be on my to do list.
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    Stealing a Day or Two to Explore Some of the Most Remote Parts of Nevada

    Thanks for sharing your trip. Love seeing that area. Nice to be able to wander and find cool places.
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    Cabin Air Filter

    I have the K&N. I don’t know that it is better but for me I like the fact I can just clean it out and not have to buy a new one each time.
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    POLL : What Size Tire are You Running on Your Jeep?

    JKU - 33s, usually 20psi Flat fender -35s, 15 psi No bead locks.
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    Anyone self quarantined? AKA - the 2020 SH!T SHOW

    This is my answer to not wearing a mask. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE
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    Late Wave from Ca

    43 This is my 43 Ford. It was not stock when I bought it and I didn't keep it that way or close to it. I have owned it for 43 years and have had a lot of fun with it as well as made a lot of changes to it.
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    Late Wave from Ca

    Hello!! This is a really really late wave from Ca. I have been a member since 11/2015 but have never introduced myself. I bought my first Jeep at 18. It was also my first vehicle. It is a 43 Ford MB and I still have it. I bought a 2017 JKU Rubicon Hard Rock brand new. What a luxury!!! I...
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    ARB twin compressor engine bay mount pictures!?

    I used Metalcloak's bracket. I didn't use the relocation bracket for the vacuum pump. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
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