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  1. sipafz

    **Gone** - Free - JKU Plastic Side Steps / Running Boards

    I know this is a long shot, but if anyone wants these, just pick them up (Saukville/Port Washington, WI) or I can ship on your dime. The drivers side front bracket has the inserts pulled out and both have rock rash on the sides. The top surfaces look nice.
  2. sipafz

    Free Wheel Spacer

    ****GONE****Getting your first set of new, larger tires for your Wrangler JK? Planning on 285 or 295’s while continuing to utilize your stock carrier? You might need a single wheel spacer in-order to mount your larger spare tire. Free to a good home of an ACTIVE WAYALIFE Member, I have a...
  3. sipafz

    Single Wheel Spacer for Stock Tire Carrier?

    **Got what I Needed** Just wanted to know if anyone has a single wheel spacer laying around. Looking for one to use on my stock tire carrier: Thanks! Chris
  4. sipafz

    Gladiator Tow Thread

    Jeep Marketing is working its magic on me! My wife and I are about 8 years out from retiring. Since we will be retiring early at age 57/58 we will not have jobs of any kind in order to pull funds from our retirement accounts, penalty free. Our plan is to purchase a rig, I hope similar to what...
  5. sipafz

    Ever Rebuild an Air Conditioning Compressor?

    I mentioned awhile back that my air conditioning compressor apparently froze tight. I find this a bit strange since I hardly used it since new in 2016. That being said, I’ve used the defroster plenty which means that the compressor is engaged during those times. Symptoms were: At freeway...
  6. sipafz

    OBD JScan - Program With Your Smart Phone

    OBD JScan is a smart phone app that when coupled with a wireless adapter give you the ability to read trouble code and other things, like many other available apps. What makes this app different is the fact that it allows you to make changes to the ECU and save them! I stumbled across this app...
  7. sipafz

    Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner...

    Every once and awhile, life throws ya a bone. In our case, my wife won a trip to Phoenix, Arizona for 4 nights at plus airfare for two. We are thinking about going during January or February 2019 when the Wisconsin winter is at its worst. I’m hoping to rent a Jeep for our sightseeing trips. We...
  8. sipafz

    Sway Bar Link Question:

    I’m getting close to finishing the installation of my homemade budget boost kit. The front spacers are 2 1/2” and the rears are 1” tall. Net lift ended up to be the height of the spacers plus a 1/4” in both the front and rear. I have a winch mounted inside my stock front bumper that added 80lbs...
  9. sipafz

    OBD2 - Stand Alone or Bluetooth Adapter / Phone App?

    Thinking about buying a scan tool. Would you spend $60 on a stand alone: Or $30 to $40 for a Bluetooth adapter & app: Whatever I get must have live data. I welcome all opinions!
  10. sipafz

    2011 KK (Liberty) CEL - Need Advice

    Anna, our 2011 KK (Liberty) has been sick for the last couple of months. CEL is illuminated carrying a P0302, miss-fire cylinder #2. I’ve been dinking around for awhile and now I’m running out of bullets. I’m hoping to tap into the wealth of forum knowledge here at Wayalife. A little...
  11. sipafz

    DIY Metal Grab Handles?

    Looked around, but didn't find much in the forum or on the web. I started playing around with some 3/4" conduit: Looking to make a hoop that attaches to the "A" pillar and roll bar. The conduit seems to be plenty rigid for my 190lb frame. Looking for some input so feel free to chime in...
  12. sipafz

    Add "Hidden" Winch To Stock JK Bumper? Pro's & Con's:

    Add "Hidden" Winch To Stock JK Bumper? Pro's & Con's: Getting ready to pull the trigger on a new Warn VR8000 or New "and Improved" VR8. I found some pics on the interweb that show some clean looking hidden mountings inside of stock JK bumpers. I like the look and i'm handy...
  13. sipafz

    Just call me Captain??

    Weatherman said possible rain after 6pm during the morning news, so I head to work with the top down and doorless. 11:45am I get word that it's pouring; fucking weathermen. By time I get Oscar inside, he has 2" to 3" of standing water in the foot wells. Do I need to be concerned about anything...
  14. sipafz

    Missing Factory Wheel Weight?

    While doing my first tire rotation I noticed two of my Factory Moab Wheels have clips, but no weights. At first I was thinking that they got tossed while driving, but now I'm not sure. I have no out of balance symptoms and the clips look like they never had weight on them. Anyone else run into this?
  15. sipafz

    Please Educate Me On Soft Tops!

    Looking to get a new hat for Oscar. First choice is the Bestop NX Twill. I see one on CL from a 2013 JKU - never used, still wrapped and in the boxes. The guy bought it as part of a dual top group. My question is: Were the stock tops at that time Black Twill?
  16. sipafz

    Wild Boar Grabs

    Can anyone recommend these? Have them and hate them? I miss the sturdy factory grabs that my KJ has on the A-Pillars and thought these might be a step up from the velcro / nylon ones that came with the Jeep. Thanks!
  17. sipafz

    Freedom Panel Screws?

    Having just got my JKU 5 weeks ago I've only had the front panels from my hard top off a few times. My question is do you always replace the 2 long back screws every time you put the panels back on? It seems like the 5 latches would be enough. What's your experience been?
  18. sipafz

    Oscar's No Build Thread

    Finally, after many years of dreaming, months of test drives, research (including this forum) and soul searching I decided that this Black 2016 Freedom Edition (Oscar) was the perfect fit for me! I really liked what Jeep did with the graphics, badges and seats this year! I'm not expecting to do...
  19. sipafz

    Add Backup Camera to Stock U-Connect 430 Radio?

    Has anyone ever attempted? I would like to add one without replacing the entire unit.
  20. sipafz

    75th Anniversary Editions?

    Has anyone heard of seen anything about what the 75th Anniversary Editions might look like?
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