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  1. 2Cross

    Long Arm damage. How to prevent grease jerk damage?

    Finished my first trail run with the long arm. I was worried before going that I would drag and the grease zerks would be damaged. Here is a shot of the damaged, driver side that the grease jerk was damaged. Here is the passenger side that was not damaged. What do people do to...
  2. 2Cross

    Fuel line leak

    Was running CliffHanger in Moab last week when my fuel line began leaking. Started with 3/4 tank and had 1/4 tank when we were on the CliffHanger obstacle. Tried to tape it up to slow it down with electrical tape. It helped and I was able to drive it back to Moab. We flew down the trail...
  3. 2Cross

    Cummins crate option

    This may be old news But this would be the way to go if you wanted a diesel Edited I’ve had a 4BT in my old power wagon that I loved/hated Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  4. 2Cross

    Smoking Brakes and towing

    So as I was hauling cattle this morning when the brakes on the rig in front of me started smoking...and I mean a lot of smoke. We were descending a steep, curvy Colorado mountain road at the time. I was concerned for the driver and the cattle and the other vehicles out on the road. The...
  5. 2Cross

    Plastidip on ATX slabs

    Decided to plastidip the ring on my slabs. Didn't like the look of the shiny silver ring. Before: So I got some plastidip and tape and sticky dots from Office Depot. Here is the prep: And finished product: Any tips on finished product? I have a few spots that peeled off when I took...
  6. 2Cross

    Opinions on when to let a 16 year old go off-roading

    So today my son asked to go off-roading with his friends at a local spot. It's an easy big sand hill that I've let him drive with me several times beginning when he was 12 years old. I balked at giving him permission and wondered if I was being too strict or too lenient. So I gave him a few...
  7. 2Cross

    Roll cage tie in

    Was thinking about Calamity Jane and the videos and reminded me of my most recent re-build and my need to tie in the roll cage. We rolled it about 15 years ago and the cage wasn't tied in. It held up and protected us...but there was significant tub damage. Thinking about this option to tie...
  8. 2Cross

    Thanksgiving Moab run

    Arrived in Moab for the weekend First time I've towed my rig to Moab ever and I've been here over 20 times. Lots of easy runs this trip. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  9. 2Cross

    Speakers and stereos for CJs question

    Planning to add speakers to the CJ7. Any experience or suggestions appreciated. I've seen Bluetooth soundbars on Amazon but wondering how this is versus what other options are out there. One soundbar option ...
  10. 2Cross

    EVO Coilovers Rule

    I've been on this forum for several years (lurking and active). At times I've been defensive and didn't consider fully that Eddie and others were correct about the EVO coilover and lift products. After running an AEV lift for 5 years I finally sprung for the EVO bolt-on Coilovers. My jeep...
  11. 2Cross

    Went to dealer for recall service this week

    I went to dealer this week to have the recall on my 11 and 12 JKs done for power heated mirror. They did an 'Inspection' and told me I had several problems with my front end. "It's in bad shape" 1- diff fluid level is low 2- axle end boots are torn 3- steering stabilizer boot missing I...
  12. 2Cross

    Willys Parts Free if you pickup or pay shipping

    These are all for my 1949 CJ3A. I have a complete soft top with doors. Front rugged ridge lockout hubs
  13. 2Cross

    Holy Cross questions

    I'm planning to run Holy Cross this summer. I need room for one more passenger and option would be rent a side by side or bring my Willys. Here it is on black bear. It handled Poughkeepsie gulch and all of the trails in Ouray better than my 4dr JK Wondering if I should bring it ?
  14. 2Cross

    RIPP supercharger technical help

    While running Hole in the rock trail last week my buddies SC took a dive and seized up. After we got it back home and torn apart the RIPP idle pulley seized up and the belt tensioner was also bad. There was tons of fan belt dust under it See pic of fan belt dust below: Question- what...
  15. 2Cross

    Aftermarket electronic Ignition for CJ7

    Planning to replace the ignition on my old CJ7. It is an aftermarket one called Jacobs Mileage Master. Don't want to go to stock points and condenser and coil. Looking for recommendations. I was recommend the Pertronix kit by a shop I trust and wanted to confirm it was a good move
  16. 2Cross

    Hole in the Rock Trail advice

    Planning on running this trail and looking for advice and comments on it. Where is a good place to leave my tow rig and trailer (bringing my JK and my flat fender) I am sure I'll be fine on the trip since I have run the rubicon and camped on a trail before. Was wondering how long it has...
  17. 2Cross

    JK seat cover recommendations

    I waited too long to get seat covers. This just happened: What is a good seat cover ??
  18. 2Cross

    Grabars issue. Noisy

    Installed grabars and they make a lot of noise especially when going over bumps. Any one else have this issue? I removed them and now the noise is gone.
  19. 2Cross

    Best Ski and Mountain bike Rack??

    Planning to purchase a ski rack/Bike Rack soon. Any advice on what to get, what to avoid?
  20. 2Cross

    Bedline jeep pics

    I'm thinking about bedlining the interior and exterior of my old CJ7. Please post pics of yours and tips. I've read the article posted here on WAL about how to do it. Any in white?
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