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  1. StrizzyChris

    Half Doors

    Dumb guy post....nothing to see here!
  2. StrizzyChris

    When Commifornia Senator Feinstein can't do it...Obama can!

    Here's a link to the Article
  3. StrizzyChris

    Christmas Drive By?

    I haven't been on much over the past 6 to 8 months due to life being crazy (blessedly so)....but I wanted the wayalife family to know that my family is thinking of them on this day! Merry Christmas everyone!
  4. StrizzyChris

    Recalling New Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durangos

    Found this and thought I'd share for those of you who may have a new Grand Cherokee or Dodge Durangos
  5. StrizzyChris

    FREE - Stock front lower control arms

    As stock front lower control arms to any WAL member with 100+ posts. Only approximately 3k miles on them and only wheeled with stock shocks so no excessive flex on the bushings. Located in the Bay Area for pickup or pay for shipping.
  6. StrizzyChris

    FREE - Stock license plate bracket

    As license plate bracket to any WAL member with 100+ posts. Located in the Bay Area for pickup or pay for shipping
  7. StrizzyChris

    FREE - Stock tire carrier

    As carrier to any WAL member with 100+ posts. Located in the Bay Area for pickup or pay for shipping
  8. StrizzyChris

    Grab a Beer in OC?

    So I took a last minute flight down to OC to visit the in-laws for a few days. I'm going to try to snag one of their cars tomorrow night ( maybe just get dropped off) somewhere and grab a beer in Irvine. If anyone else is free in the area and would like to meet up, post here or PM me and we can...
  9. StrizzyChris

    Real Men Don't Get "Offended": The Grown-Ass Men Getting Butthurt Thread

    I read this article the other day and it speaks to what it means to be a man. Lately it's gotten pretty thick on here(as we all know it comes in waves) with all the "full grown men" being so damn sensitive online, in person, and just getting butt hurt any time someone says something they don't...
  10. StrizzyChris

    Gamers: Ever use Omni Virtuix?

    I have been reading a bit about developments in virtual reality and gaming....and am curious if anyone has ever seen or had the chance to use the Omni in person? Your thoughts?
  11. StrizzyChris

    Snowboard and gear in Bay Area

    I am selling a mens Santa Cruz snowboard size 153. I bought it used and used it for one season. It worked great for me, but I am moving my crap to Ohio and don't have the space to haul all of this gear. The board has some wear and scuffs, but it performed excellent for me last season in Tahoe...
  12. StrizzyChris

    5 ATX Slabs - 8 Lug, 6.5"(165.1mm) bolt pattern

    With a heavy heart...I have decided to make this thread...... I have 5 brand new, and never mounted, ATX slab beadlocks with 8x6.5 (165.1mm) lug pattern, 17" wheels. Selling because I didn't buy the axles I had planned on purchasing to use them with. I have decided to heavily invest into...
  13. StrizzyChris

    Bay Area 2 door Side Steps needed

    If anyone in the bay area has a set of 2 door side steps that they are looking to get rid of, let me know. A high school daughter to a guy from my work is in need. She is a broke HS student so nothing expensive and she was looking for OEM takeoffs but anything will do. Thanks!
  14. StrizzyChris

    Recovery Tech: Sand Recovery Tips

    I stumbled across this video and thought it was FREAKING GENIUS! All you need is your basic recovery bag. A strap, and your recovery bag itself could save you from being stuck in the sand. Not sure if this has been posted in the past, but I thought others could benefit from it. Enjoy...
  15. StrizzyChris

    For Drew

    I'll just leave this right here for ya buddy!
  16. StrizzyChris

    Smallest V-12 Engine?

    This is a really cool video I found. Enjoy! :drinks:
  17. StrizzyChris

    Tech: Surface Rust and Peeling Clear Coat Repair

    GCM2 started a great thread about Dent Repair and when I saw the video below, it reminded me of that thread and I think it would help so folks out. I'll be the first to admit that I used to blow through a ton of sand paper to prep old auto body panels for resurfacing. Hope someone finds this...
  18. StrizzyChris

    EVO U-Bolt Help

    So I am needing to replace my EVO raised rear track bar U-bolts. The ones supplied in the kit are not a good grade, and am wanting something like grade 8 or 5 so I can torque them down a little. The threads on the ones in the kit stripped with light hand torqueing. Anyone know where I can find...
  19. StrizzyChris

    Stock Rubi Axle Shafts F&R

    THESE ARE SOLD I have a set of front and rear stock Rubicon axle shafts. I bought them used for trail spares and never used them. I'm just trying to liquidate my spare parts. Not interested in shipping but will meet within reason of the San Mateo area. Asking $300 for them all! Im assuming...
  20. StrizzyChris

    Free Stock Driveshaft

    I have a stock front DS off my 2013 JKUR with automatic transmission. I will give it away for free to a regular member of the forum in need. I will not pay or arrange for shipping BUT I do have the tube from my aftermarket shaft that I could ship it in. At that point it wouldn't be worth i, I...
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