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  1. Bierpower

    Post Project Cleanup

    I have a pile of parts laying around that may be of interest to somebody. -2015 JKUR auto transfer case- $1000 -Two sets of JKU springs. One Rubi one Sahara-free -Full set of factory control arms-free -3.6 engine and transmission-$2500 -Factory driveshafts-free -factory spare tire. Never...
  2. Bierpower

    Third time is a charm

    I figure it's time to start another build thread for the new jeep. I've had it a bout a year now. Feb 18 2020, a lady slid through an intersection in the snow and it ended up totaling the jeep 13 months after my first engine swap. Luckily things worked out and I'm now in a much newer setup with...
  3. Bierpower

    Colorado Springs meet-ups and wheeling

    I know I've seen quite a few people from the springs on the forum and while I like all the Denver people I've met and wheeled with, I'd also like to get to know the folks a little closer to home. We can try a meet-up in July. We have 13-15; 20-22; 27-29 anybody who's interested weigh in and we...
  4. Bierpower

    I couldn't stay jeepless

    I was able to convince my wife that a four door jeep is far more practical for a car seat than my car. I found an 07 sport for cheap with a bad engine. Luckily I still have a 6.2 sitting in my garage and the parts from motech should be in the mail soon. The jeep was already lifted (3 or so inch...
  5. Bierpower

    The build of M81 (Unofficial name)

    It has been a long time coming, but I finally got my jeep. I have always loved the commando green, but for the price I was looking, I ended up with a 2011 natural green JKUR. I got a 2011 with the plan to do an LS soon after getting it, but after driving this one across the Colorado mountains to...
  6. Bierpower

    Wave from Colorado Springs

    So I've actually been a member here for a while but a lot has changed and I haven't really been an active member because I was working on getting a jeep. Back in February my wife got orders from GA to CO. Lucky for us she was driving a tdi VW and VW said they would buy back her car for more...
  7. Bierpower

    Wave from Augusta GA

    So I don't have a jeep yet but I have been entertaining the idea for quite some time and I see one in the near future. I figured where better to get shopping advise and real reviews.
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