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  1. Scuba465

    15 worst new vehicles

    Saw this article on Forbes. We made number 7. Love the write up lol. If you want a cushy ride get a real grocery getter like a Lexus.
  2. Scuba465

    Random Photos

    Costa Rican off road vehicle Hot tub on the lake last winter The first think that came to mind seeing this probably not what they really do lol
  3. Scuba465

    Pets are people too.

    Here's our 2 kids Bodie and Belle with their winter coats on, poor guys, my wife loves dressing them up. And Bodie on a boat ride, he loves the boat more than walks!
  4. Scuba465

    Jeep dogs!!!

    Bodie loves going topless!
  5. Scuba465

    Wave from Southern New Hampshire

    Hey there new to jeep life. Been wheeling for years on ATV's, but finally got a bigger toy to play with.
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