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  1. OverlanderJK

    Beware!! - EVO Protek Skid Plates

    This happened today. This Jeep has not seen much more than a dirt road and hasn’t even seen that in three plus years. Mounts on the oil pan skid broke clean off, not at the weld, at the steel itself. I would check this stuff if you have it on your jeep next oil change you have so you can fix if...
  2. OverlanderJK

    Free Random JK Items

    Might not be much value to these but they are free. Local pickup or I can ship them. Will start tossing soon so speak now or forever live with regret. Random soft top screws and parts Quadratec Mirror Single Ball Joint King Air bump pads (two new one used) EVO CB Antenna Mount Light Bar (works...
  3. OverlanderJK

    CJ Parts

    I bought these for the DJ. They are all new since I had to trial and error since it’s hard to find DJ parts. Bumpstops, gas cap, joints, ball joints, bushings. Look up the parts and make an offer. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  4. OverlanderJK

    4” EVO Plush Rides and Rancho 7000’s

    Used EVO plush rides 4” and two brand new rear Rancho 7000’s. $300. I would prefer not to ship but might be able to if you want to pay for it. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  5. OverlanderJK

    For Sale: 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

    Selling it. 2012 Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited – Billet Silver Dual Top group/Nav/Leather/Heated Seats 80,000 miles – New motor installed has approx. 12k miles Axles Recently Serviced 12/2020 AC Condenser Recently Replaced 07/2020 Parts List includes Suspension EVO Mfg Double Throwdown...
  6. OverlanderJK

    King Air Bumps and PSC Ram

    Have some very slightly used King EVO spec bumps for the front. I’ve had them a few years and never installed them. One o ring just broke off when I pulled them off the shelf. I’ll replace both before I ship them out. $375 shipped PSC 8” Ram $140 shipped. It’s missing a sticker. I’ll see...
  7. OverlanderJK

    Wanted: JK Freedom Panels

    Looking for a set of freedom panels. Color doesn’t matter. They can be beat up as well don’t really care. Would rather not pay $500+ for something that won’t get a ton of use. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  8. OverlanderJK

    Garage Sale - Make offers

    Additional items in post 68 Fog lights brand new - spot $25 shipped unknown if brackets are in the box Strike force zebra light mount for grille. Brand new $40 shipped (I have a used one I will sell as well) PRP Tire Tie Down - used $40 shipped JK windshield header trim piece. Two...
  9. OverlanderJK

    Mastercraft JK Rear Seat Cover 2 Door - New

    Rear seat cover with head rests. Base and back. Black on black. It’s brand new. $299 when new. Make me a reasonable offer. I have no need for this. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE
  10. OverlanderJK

    Dynatrac Dynaloc Hub Rebuild

    Dynatrac Dynaloc Hub Rebuild or Installation I am not a professional and have never taken these apart before. I searched and could not find anything online showing how this was done other than a couple bad videos. I reached out to a Dynatrac who was unable to provide directions to me so I was...
  11. OverlanderJK

    ARB Single CKMA12 Compressor - New

    ARB CKMA12 Air Compressor High Output On-Board 12V Air Compressor Brand new, never wired, only installed in the jeep. All the accessories were stolen from my garage so I only have the compressor. If you need a spare or have the wiring it’ll be good. I’m just going to buy a whole new setup...
  12. OverlanderJK

    Rubicon Run 8/24

    Went up and ran the rubicon with Ben and his wife Alex yesterday. Was a fun day with perfect weather and wasn’t too busy for a Saturday. Here are some pictures that I have. Gas stop before the trail Coming in to some granite Ellis creek What once was little sluice, now a paved road...
  13. OverlanderJK

    Stock Air Box

    Like the title says. Looking for a stock 3.6L air box with the rubber grommets. Mine is broken. Will pay tree fiddy Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  14. OverlanderJK

    New Rig - Silver Bullet - DTD, 60/80, 40’s....

    From the other thread. Picked this up this weekend. DTD front and rear, Dynatrac 60/80, 40’s and more. I’ll post more pictures and specs later but I’m tired from a long weekend so not now. Next to the DJ Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  15. OverlanderJK

    Free shit - JK

    Cleaning out the garage to make room for new project. Everything I lost here is free and can be picked up in Northern California. Not gonna ship any of the big items. Stock front shaft - basically new, removed from a 2012 6 years ago Stock D30 front shafts. Needs new u joints, ears look okay...
  16. OverlanderJK

    Mail Call - 1975 Jeep DJ5

    Well as much as I hate build threads I figured I would start one for this. Piginajeep sent me a link to this the other night and I went and picked it up today. 1975 DJ5 with V6. AMC 232 3 speed 2WD. 77k miles. Spec sheet on rear axle says limited slip but I’m not sure yet since I haven’t dug...
  17. OverlanderJK

    Electrician Help

    Not jeep related. I have four outlets in my house that are not working. I’ve tested them and nothing. Checked and reset all the breakers and nothing. The weird part is they are all in different parts of the house. One outside rear patio, two in master bath, one is a spare bath. And ideas...
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