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  1. piginajeep

    JoJo- 1957 Panel Wagon

    Soooo I picked up another project. My brother found this in Johannesburg Ca, it’s the other side of the mountain from Randsberg, one of the last living ghost towns. what am I going to do with it? Not a damn thing other than get it running and safe to drive. it’s basically all original 4x4...
  2. piginajeep

    Camping in beaver falls, early 1900’s.

    My mom gave me a chest full of old photos from her moms side of the family. I haven’t looked at them in awhile. I’d love to get these framed. Here’s one of my favorites, it’s somewhere near Beaver Falls, PA. I’m not sure if they are camping or setting up a homestead. We only know these my from...
  3. piginajeep

    Gladiator Aftermarket Soft top

    Has anyone seen an info on full soft tops other than Mopars? ($1700). Best top just has the soft topper bed cap. I’m really hoping to find one before spring. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  4. piginajeep

    2012 JK8 Sahara

    Evo bolt on coilovers Ultimate 44 Some cool lights and shit New 2018 motor under 10K on it. $25k Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  5. piginajeep

    #19-YJ Sahara

    Picked up another long term project. 1989 YJ Sahara. I’ve always loved this model YJ. The price was right so I picked it up. It’s a 4.2 with Howell Fuel injection. 5 speed of course. I just plan to do some neglected maintenance and drive it. I took that abortion off the back already.
  6. piginajeep

    3500 front bumper

    Some dickhead decided to smash my front bumper on my RAM at KOH last week. Anyone have feedback on a nice looking after market?
  7. piginajeep

    Air filter system on a 3.6

    I’m looking to up grade the factory air box to something air tight. The factory allows way to much dirt into the intake. Anyone have a suggestion on a new set up? Maybe a good CIA system will work?
  8. piginajeep

    New tow rig-2018 3500 Ram

    Finally picked up our new tow rig. 2018 3500 Ram 4X4. It’s the Cummins with Aisini transmission. I can’t wait to put a trailer behind it.
  9. piginajeep

    Auto or Manual

    I’m in the market for a new tow rig. I’m really debating on going with a manual. What’s your thoughts ?
  10. piginajeep

    Flip-1953 M38A1

    My newest Jeep was towed into the shop today. Its a 1953 M38A1. Unfortunately for the Jeep and the last owner, it was in a roll over accident. Shes one ugly green bitch, One day she will be pretty again.
  11. piginajeep

    2011 Grand Cherokee lift?

    A buddy of mine is driving out from central PA over Thanksgiving and wants me to help him install a 2" lift his grand Cherokee. e He's planning on buying the Old Man Emu 2" Suspension System Ive never lifted a Cherokee, Any suggestions?
  12. piginajeep

    SEMA after dark

    I’ll be here for the week, so why not post the nights events after the show. On Freemont street tonight. Drinking in some moving container.
  13. piginajeep

    2" rockcrawler coils

    2" coils, comes with hydro shocks $100.00 pick up only in Mojave, CA Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  14. piginajeep

    Rubicon 4 door rocksliders-Mojave CA

    Set of used sliders, pick up only. I'm to lazy to ship. Located in Mojave at the airport. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  15. piginajeep

    JFK space center

    I was in Florida for about a day after being in the Bahamas and we stopped at the space center. Amazing place if you have never been there before. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  16. piginajeep

    photo editor

    Anyone know of an easy photo editor program I can use to change colors on my JK8? I basically suck at it. I've been trying to use notebook pro for my Surface book but its not very forgiving on edges.
  17. piginajeep

    Ram rebel concept with Dynatrac axles Did anyone else see this concept? Not that I could afford one, but I hope dodge comes out with it!
  18. piginajeep

    71 Corvette Stingray

    So my wife's dad gave her his 71 corvette. He's getting older and realized if someone doesn't start working on it, it'll never see the road again. Her dad bought this car in the late 70's and was the second owner. It was parked in a barn in Ohio in the early 90's, coated with wax and shut off...
  19. piginajeep

    LOD Stubby with Stinger

    $500.00 Pick up in Tehachapi, Bakersfield or Mojave CA, its been used, Scratches etc Picture is from LOD's website, I'm to lazy to find one on the jeep and attach it.
  20. piginajeep

    Freeway ridge -Sunday

    Hitting up freeway ridge on Sunday to kernville, we'll end up getting beers at Kern River Brewery. Meeting at the trail head at 9:30 am
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