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  1. BaddestCross

    Yet Another Garage Sale Post

    Between giving Fiona a makeover and cleaning out my garage, here's a few things that may be worth something to someone... Smittybilt Bowless Combo Soft Top (2 Door) Includes all hardware needed if you've never had a soft top. Can be run fully enclosed or as a safari top (storage for windows is...
  2. BaddestCross

    Clanking Noise in Driveline?

    So I'm sitting here waiting for a tow truck... The Jeep has a noise that may be coming from the transmission, but I'm not sure. I've had a whine that I've been hearing for awhile that I thought was the rear pinion bearing, but now it's a whine on acceleration that turns into a rotational clunk...
  3. BaddestCross

    Tire Carrier that Opens with Gate

    Thinking about changing things up on Fiona... Need to move some of the rear weight forward. Looking at purchasing a tire carrier that opens with the tailgate. EVO is an option and I know there's others, but it's been so long since I've looked at them I forgot what companies offer them. If...
  4. BaddestCross

    Cooper vs Nitto

    Okay, so I'm trying really hard to talk myself into going Cooper. I'm a huge Nitto fan, but I want to go with 13.5" width this time around and Nitto doesn't offer 37" Trail Grapplers in 13.5... I like the Mud Grapplers in theory, but I'm not sure if I could deal with the noise for long highway...
  5. BaddestCross

    Genright KOH Experience 2019

    If anyone is interested in a guided trail run through some Hammer trails during KOH week, these tickets sell out pretty quick. EDIT: You actually run the whole KOH race course from start to finish. -- Build Thread - Adventures of Fiona -...
  6. BaddestCross

    Currie Currectlync Tie Rod Ends

    My traction control lights started coming on during sweeping right turns the other day so while prepping for the New Year run, I got under the Jeep and began checking steering components... I believe one or both of my tie rod ends are shot. Does anyone here (Bubba?) happen to know if they use...
  7. BaddestCross

    Just Want to Say Thanks...

    As I've been sitting here looking back on our trip to the Rubicon last weekend, I wanted to send out a heartfelt thanks to the Wayalife community. First to Eddie and Cindy who have built this forum and let folks like me use it to get and share information and bring together folks around the...
  8. BaddestCross

    Opinions on best Jeep model for a smaller budget

    My son is coming back home from overseas in a couple of months and is considering picking up a Jeep for a daily and trail use. His budget is going to be about $5k on the high end, so I'm wondering if he should be looking at CJs, YJs, or early TJs. If this was you on a military budget and a...
  9. BaddestCross

    5 - 35x12.5R17 Nitto Trail Grapplers

    4 tires are about 30% and one at 90%... These were used in the rocks, so there's some chunking, but no plugs or gashes. $400 for a forum member. Located in Palmdale, CA -- Build Thread - Adventures of Fiona -
  10. BaddestCross

    Looking for a commuter car

    Wondering if anyone has a 2010+ car for sale? My daughter needs a commuter car that isn't ready to explode like her current vehicle is. 🤣 Looking to pay up to $5000 for the right car... If you or anyone you know has something, I'd appreciate a heads-up. I hate CL for major purchases, so if a...
  11. BaddestCross

    EVO Trailing Arms for JK and JL

    Did anyone else catch this? Thoughts? -- Build Thread - Adventures of Fiona -
  12. BaddestCross

    Wheel Spacers on 4.5" BS

    So while I'm searching for some good used 37s, I got to thinking about width. I'm running a 12.5" tire now on my wheels with 4.5" BS, and I don't have any rubbing on arms or frame. Moving up to 37s though, I'm considering a 13.5" tire and I'm worried that the extra width may rub. So the...
  13. BaddestCross

    ISO: 37 R17 Nitto Trail or Mud Grapplers

    Just realized I never officially threw this out there... I've been on the lookout for some tires with at least 50% tread life. If anyone has or comes across some, I'd appreciate a heads up. 🍻 -- Build Thread - Adventures of Fiona -
  14. BaddestCross

    Taking a trip back to Savannah

    I'm taking my wife back to Savannah, GA to celebrate our 25th anniversary... We spent some time there a couple years ago and she fell in love with the city. We're strongly considering moving there in the near future. Anyhow, I'm reaching out to you folks that live in the general area to ask...
  15. BaddestCross

    16.5" Wheels?

    Is this really a thing? Looking at some used wheels and tires but the guy says they're 16.5" diameter not 17. If this is right, I'm thinking to stay away because it's an odd size but maybe I'm missing something here? -- Build Thread - Adventures of Fiona -...
  16. BaddestCross

    Poly Jounce Stops

    Okay, so I picked up some poly jounce stops to replace my torn up factory stops not realizing how hard they are since I could get them delivered quicker than factory replacements. Now I'm wondering if they will affect my flex since I'm sure they won't flatten out like factory. I'm running...
  17. BaddestCross

    10/28/17: Miller Jeep Trail

    Since Slavens' party got pushed back, I am considering hitting the Miller Jeep Trail on Saturday. I've been wanting to get there this year and haven't had a chance. They usually close it at the end of October/beginning of November, so I figure this will be the last chance for this season. Anyone...
  18. BaddestCross

    Floor Jacks and Stands

    A lot of truth there. 😂 I've been trying to get my EVO Rock Stars installed in between other things the last few days and I keep running into problem after problem. A lot of it has to do with me not being able to get the Jeep up in the air high enough to be able to take advantage of leverage...
  19. BaddestCross

    Ball Joint Replacement - Anything Else?

    So I'm gonna tackle replacing the ball joints this week for the first time. Any tips on making it go smoothly? Any specific specialty tools I should have on hand besides the press? While I have everything apart, should I replace anything else as a preventative measure? -- [Sent from the...
  20. BaddestCross

    July 22-23, 2017: Jeep and Truck Fest - Long Beach, CA

    Anyone planning on checking this out this weekend? I'm thinking about going down for a couple hours on Saturday morning. Sent from my SM-N915P using WAYALIFE mobile app
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