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  1. ScottofKSU

    Roger's Evolutions - 2012 2-Door JK

    I purchased my Jeep in May of 2020 and wheeled it for the first time in October of 2020. This experience - my first off-roading trip ever - revealed that I have a little natural talent off-roading but that I also have a TON to learn! I decided then to evolve my Jeep in a series of stages so that...
  2. ScottofKSU

    NOOB Installs Axle Shafts

    I am currently reassembling some D44 axles that I rebuilt and upgraded. I am trying to get the passenger (long) axle shaft installed and am wondering how I know if I got it all the way in... The outer seal gives the appearance that it is all the way in, but turning the shaft does not rotate the...
  3. ScottofKSU

    D44 Rubi Upgrade Axle for a 2012 Sport

    Ok, I need some straight talk on if I should replace my inner axle seals. Background: I am upgrading a set of Rubi axles for my 2012 Sport 2 Door. So far, I have: 1) replaced the axle shaft u-joints; 2) welded on gussets and control arm skids; 3) purchased new unit bearings; 4) inspected the...
  4. ScottofKSU

    Brake System Upgrade Question

    I am nearing completion in parts accumulation and upgrading a set of Rubi axles and am now turning my attention to brakes. I am planning on going with the Crown front Big Brake system and another big brake system for the rear - not sure which one yet. My question comes from observations that...
  5. ScottofKSU

    Oil Cooler Replacement?

    The other day while under the Jeep (2012 JK 2 Door) I noticed oil on the bell housing. Having spent a ton of time reviewing posts on this forum (thank you all very much for your wisdom!) I knew where to look. The dreaded oil cooler. However, when I look in the V of the block with a flashlight, I...
  6. ScottofKSU

    Metal in Rear 44 Gear Oil Leads to Upgrades!

    Next weekend I am heading to Southern Missouri Off-Road (SMOR) to begin my Badge of Honor chase. So last weekend I changed the oil - it was just about due - and changed my gear oil in my differentials for the first time since I bought the Jeep 3 months ago and after 4,500 miles of driving -...
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