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  1. MR.Ty

    MR.Ty’s Gladiator

    The family and I decided today that one Jeep wasn’t enough. Guess I’ll need to order two banners when I finally get my JKs windshield replaced. :crazyeyes: Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  2. MR.Ty

    Wash Woods in False Cape State Park, Virginia

    Tucked along the most south east coast of Virginia lies False Cape State Park and the "Ghost Town" of Wash Woods. I used quotation marks because all that is really left, since the town was abandoned, are the remains of the Church and a dozen grave markers. Below are some photos from my day trip...
  3. MR.Ty

    Hard Rock - Ocala, FL (Feb 20th)

    The family and I will be in Florida and we will be making a trip to Hard Rock 4x4 park in Ocala, FL on February 20th. If you would like to come, no matter your experience level or tire size, I encourage you to join us. Going 1) MR.Ty & MRS.Ty 2) bonedaddy 3) jsum87 4) TwistedJK Maybe 1)...
  4. MR.Ty

    Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) exemptions

    Awhile back, we learned that vehicle manufactures were attempting to use the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to prevent both aftermarket tuner production and the average Joe from modifying the vehicle's computer. For now, that effort has been prevented thanks to the new exemptions list...
  5. MR.Ty

    Corolla, NC - May 30th

    Morning on the beach! Plan - It is tourist season, so the plan is to meet the the boarder station at 630am and caravan down to the beach from there. The goal is to be on the sand by 8am. If you are interested in joining please post up. :thumbup: Boarder station - 4732 Battlefield Blvd S...
  6. MR.Ty

    Drones for photos and videos

    I've been coming across more and more advertisements for drones/quad-copters and they have really been peaking my interest lately. If you have any experience with them please post up. :thumb: So far the ones that have really interested me are the Lilly Drone and this Solo Smart Drone
  7. MR.Ty

    FREE - First Gen Trek Top (missing pieces)

    As the title states, free to the first person who comes and gets it out of my garage. It is missing pieces like the Passenger side over head rail. Probably only good for keeping the sun off your head. It will be going into the trash if no one wants it.
  8. MR.Ty

    4 JKU Best Top Soft Doors - For Sale $650

    Edit: I have decided to keep these. No longer for sale.
  9. MR.Ty

    Pre-Run to Uwharrie, NC

    Thanks to Thardy the End of Summer Uwharrie run has grown into a huge gathering of Wayalifers! Because of this, I'll be taking a trip there on May 23rd to pre-run the park in an effort to make the August run an epic one. The plan is to be on the trail by 8am and do the entire park with the...
  10. MR.Ty

    Gulches, SC July 18th & 19th

    As luck would have it, I'll be less than twenty minutes from the Gulches ORV Park on the 18th and 19th of July. With that being said, I invite you all to join me for my first trip to this park. The park for an entire day is $25.00 for a vehicle and driver Saturday and Sunday. There is a one...
  11. MR.Ty

    A day trip to Shoe Creek

    For those of you that are interested, March 29th Ill be doing a day trip to the Shoe Creek trail in Tyro, VA. There is nothing difficult about this trail and if you have never been off roading before it is a great place to start. I plan to get to the trail head by 10am but that is all...
  12. MR.Ty

    More on the next generation of Wrangler

    According to the below article, the JL with keep solid axles and will be an Aluminium body on frame.
  13. MR.Ty

    Steel bumpers - Auto Accident

    Found this on the web and wanted to confirm if it was true: "The airbags in the JK work off of an accelerometer that is located in the center of the vehicle under the center console. Specificaly the sensor works in conjunction with a yaw/pitch/roll sensor (same function as a gyroscope) that is...
  14. MR.Ty

    Four wheeler Magazine - T4 Race Truck

    As I look forward to watching/following KOH for the first time I decided to check out the Dakar. I have mostly followed the car series since the only American competing was in that category. However, I just came across a FW article that out lines the specs on the truck series and all I can say...
  15. MR.Ty

    2014 JKX Favorites

    As we enter the final hours before the release of the 2014 PNW JKX part 1 release I thought it would be a good time to play a game - Which Rig(s) do you hope to see more of during the videos? Personally I hope to see: Dynatrac's and EVOlander. How about you?! Here is the link to the JKX...
  16. MR.Ty

    Free: Teraflex 1" Front Spacers

    Free because I got them for free from my friend who when to a coil lift. I decided not to use them because of this thread and how the company blames their customers. Anyhow if you want em they are yours for the price of shipping or nothing if you are local.
  17. MR.Ty

    4 Spidertrax wheel spacers for sale

    Hey everyone, as the title states Ive got 4 Spidertrax wheel spacers for sale that I bought off of a member here. I got them for $125 so they are yours for $80. Ship at buyers expense.
  18. MR.Ty

    Fierce Altitude M/T

    The other two threads inspired me. But I would like opinions on the Fierce Altitude tires.
  19. MR.Ty

    Flag Pole Knob, Virginia

    For those of you that are interested, I will be heading out to Flag Pole Knob to do a little exploring on December 31st. This will be an early morning run with a plan to be back on pavement by 9am. I plan on entering from US-33 on the north side of the mountain and leaving through the south...
  20. MR.Ty

    Hydraulic Steering

    Recently, I decided to look into a full hydro steering setup as I don't know a lot about it and I have a few questions/concerns. 1) I read that once you have said setup that your steering wheel no longer rolls back to center as a non-hydro setup would, and because of that it can be rather...
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