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  1. Sgt_USMC

    Weld VS braze?

    So I’m designing a roof rack for my TJ. It will be aluminum and only used for a few lights and maybe a shovel and axe. Would brazing hold up to this? I don’t have access to everything needed to weld aluminum, but the stuff needed to braze is easily gotten. Any input would be great!
  2. Sgt_USMC

    Brake problem

    I need a sanity check, I know it’s debatable if I am sane, to see if I’m thinking down the right path. The brakes on the p/s rear have become hot twice since June. When it first happened, the 15th or 16th of June, I let it sit for a couple hours. I had to go somewhere else and constantly...
  3. Sgt_USMC

    DIY Roof Rack Questions

    I have been playing around with the idea of making a roof rack that attaches to my current cross bars. It’s main use would be for lights, an axe and shovel. I’m thinking aluminum square stock bolted to the cross bars. I don’t want it above the bars. The wire routing I would like to run the wires...
  4. Sgt_USMC

    Fog light recommendations

    I’m looking into replacing my fog lights with a pair of 6” LED light bars. I was looking at the RC ones, but am unsure. Any recommendations? This isn’t going to be done in the very near future, but I want to swap the factory fogs out as one got broken. Thanks for the help!
  5. Sgt_USMC

    The Black Moon

    So I’m finally going to start working on my TJ so I figured I should start a build thread. I am having a new cat welded in today, and have ordered the ZJ swap for the steering. I took the milk jugs off a couple days after buying it. I ripped up one of the flairs a few years ago, so I just pulled...
  6. Sgt_USMC

    Truck Trail Ride

    I just wanted to throw it out that myself and a few other Jeeps are going to hit some truck trails out by Ramona for a nice easy ride on the 30th. The plan is to hit Orosco Truck Trail and then possibly Sasquatch Trail up to the top of Black Mountain. It will be mostly easy with some moderate...
  7. Sgt_USMC

    Winch Recommendations

    I was wondering if y’all have any input on winches (I’m sure there is). I’m likely going to get a Badland 9500 or 12k one to have just in case until I can afford to get a good one. I was looking at the Warn 9.5 anyone have another recommendation or input on this decision? The badlands would in...
  8. Sgt_USMC

    Build plans input

    I was hoping to get any input y’all had on my plans for my rubi. I’m planning on doing a small 2-2.5” lift for the next few years while I upgrade the rest of the suspension. At this height I will do bumpers, winch, flat front fenders, rockers, 33s, a 1” MML, and a 1.25” BL. I’ll also be making...
  9. Sgt_USMC

    Pinyon Mountain

    I was wondering if anyone has run Pinyon Mountain lately? I am hoping to run it around the end of April, beginning of May. I am doing it in my TJ Rubi all stock, save for no flairs. Any input/tips would be welcome! If anyone wants to join that’s welcome also.
  10. Sgt_USMC

    New Wave!

    I was active a long time ago, but have recently gotten back into the forums. I’m Joe. Just wanted to give a new wave from San Diego! Glad to be back here! Looking forward to hitting some trails!
  11. Sgt_USMC

    Rancho Chrysler Jeep Dodge - San Diego, CA

    Out of the maybe 6/7 times i have gone to the dealer i have had great service 95% of the time at rancho chrysler jeep dodge in san diego. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  12. Sgt_USMC

    Dealership or tow-truck problems

    Anyone ever have the dealership or tow-truck driver wipe off a leak? Just happened to me!
  13. Sgt_USMC


    I thought I would throw this out there. If anyone is interested in world music, my Japanese Taiko (Traditional Drumming) group is playing at an event here in san diego on aug 6th. Might be a nice change to have a little meet and greet. I haven't had the chance to really take my baby out except...
  14. Sgt_USMC

    Wave from san diego!

    Hey everybody! Im joe saying hey from sd!
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