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  1. JKRay

    Big Ben's Big Mojave

    Oh yea!! More ideas than money right now. 😂🤣
  2. JKRay

    KC Flex ERA 3 LED Lights A-Pillar Installation on a JL Wrangler / JT Gladiator

    Great looking lights! I like the amber glow as well. KC has been coming out with some awesome options lately and ones that are different from the ordinary light bars you see everywhere. Definitely wanting to get a few sets! 👍
  3. JKRay

    Off grid camping trailer build

    Looking good! Almost ready for the trip.
  4. JKRay

    New to Wayalife👋

    Welcome to Wayalife! 👋
  5. JKRay

    Big Ben's Big Mojave

    The 37’s are looking great! Definitely gives it a more balanced look. 👍
  6. JKRay

    Fishing Jeepers...Post Up Your Pics

    Beautiful catch Brute! 😎
  7. JKRay

    Karnage Welder

    Awesome! Thanks foe the review. This is definitely the welder I want to get. 👍
  8. JKRay

    Future crawler coming November

    Congrats on the new little Jeeper!
  9. JKRay

    Wave from Somerset, KY.

    Welcome to Wayalife! 👋
  10. JKRay

    What did Brown Santa show up with today..

    Nice! Iv been wanting to get one of those at well. Very interested in what you think of it once you use it. (y)
  11. JKRay

    Hello from Dallas

    Welcome to Wayalife! 👋
  12. JKRay

    The Build and Adventures of Bearbait

  13. JKRay

    Hello from now Virginia.

    Welcome to Wayalife! 👋
  14. JKRay

    New to Wayalife - trail ate my tires.

    Welcome to Wayalife! 👋
  15. JKRay

    Unique Things About The Jeep Gladiator

    Ok Thanks! Ill have to do some looking.
  16. JKRay

    Show your guns.

    I had a buddy that had one of these. He liked it a lot for comfort but drawing the gun always seemed like a hassle. He ultimately went with a more traditional carry option.
  17. JKRay

    Bullwinkle Gladiator Build

    yea its a great mod for the small rocks that get jammed in there. Its Quick too took me 10 minutes.
  18. JKRay

    Big Ben's Big Mojave

    Nice! Let the build begin.
  19. JKRay

    WAYALIFE on the GO : Miscellaneous Photos from Cindy & Eddie!

    Moby is looking good all stripped down! Looks like perfect weather. Ripley looks like she's enjoying it too. :cool:
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