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  1. Director

    MetalCloak or Clayton Lift

    Hi All, Think of adding a lift to my 392 next year but there are not many choices out there yet outside of MetalCloak or Clayton. Was wondering if anyone had any insights into either lift that they could share. Thanks in advance 👍
  2. Director

    Finally Here!

    Picked up my 392 and have been driving it for a week; Love it! Already have some smaller mods ordered and on the way to be installed. Special Thanks to Eddie for his YouTube video detailing his LOD rock slider install! 😊 Those have been ordered too! Got my 6 yr old daughter in it to take her...
  3. Director

    Waiting on my new JL

    Hey All, Hope everyone is doing good, that you're safe, and that you're all well! I'm a former member and just couldn't stay away. I used to own a 2012 Rubicon, when I lived in NJ, but sold it when my first born came along, shortly after moving to NC. I'm in the process of getting a new JL...
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