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  1. CJW

    Shrockworks or LOD Sliders

    Wayalife Crew, I've been looking at getting new sliders since my PS ones are getting pretty bent up. I've decided to get a sturdy frame mounted design and am interested in the sliders made by Shrockworks and LOD. I've seen a lot of old posts about shrockworks and generally people like them. I've...
  2. CJW

    What Upgrade? Long Arm or Chromoly Shafts?

    I've been wanting to upgrade my suspension with a long arm kit (thinking Full Traction) but was also wanting to upgrade my D44s with chromoly shafts. What's everyone's opinion on what to do first? Reasoning: I was wanting chromoly shafts for strength and reliability and long arms for better...
  3. CJW

    Hi There From Denver

    Hello all, Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself and my ride. I just bought a 2014 JKU Rubicon a week ago and am loving it. It's all stock for now but I'm thoroughly impressed with its capabilitites already. I'm in the Air Force and currently statoined in Denver and looking forward to...
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