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  1. J&k_Overland

    91 YJ on coil overs

    Ok another one needs to go. Tired of messing with it. 2.5 4 banger 5 speed manual 231 case D30 front 4.88s E locker D44 rear 4.88s E locker King 2.5 coil overs all four corners Wheel base stretched in the rear 6” RCI fuel cell Custom dash with digital gauges Brand new 35” BFG KM3s...
  2. J&k_Overland

    01 wrangler in need of a new home

    01 TJ 4.0 5 speed manual Dana 44 rear 30 front Warm fuel tank skid and winch mount Bestop is three years old Seats are in good shape have the rear New 31” BFG mud terrains 15x10 steel wheels Completely new AC system including the box New coil pack frame has cancer I have a new rust free...
  3. J&k_Overland

    Fuckin thieves

    Man I can’t decide if I hate thieves or liars more. Last night some jack ass helped themselves to a couple lights off my trailer. Pisses me me off cause I’d just swapped them all out about a month ago. And they aren’t cheap or easy to find. WTF
  4. J&k_Overland

    Welcome Bonnie to the family

    Picked my buddies YJ. He’s taking a break from the Jeep life and sold it to me so it have a good home Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  5. J&k_Overland

    WJ Dana44 ARB

    New in box never installed it & now the Jeep is gonna get sold $700 plus shipping. This is the WJ Dana 44 not a regular 44. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  6. J&k_Overland

    Looks expensive

    I present for your viewing pleasure..... BROKE DICK ROW 67 CJ5 needs everything 01 TJ needs a frame (possibly a tranny and not the Eddie Murphy type) 03 WJ needs a transfer case and suspension rebuild 12 Cascadia needs a fuel pump and lines
  7. J&k_Overland

    Dreamlifter. Charleston SC

    Big ass plane heading out
  8. J&k_Overland

    Cool little deal

    Doing a AOG move tonight. Swapping engine on this Delta bird
  9. J&k_Overland

    Hello from Oklahoma

    New memeber live by Stillwater OK. Got a 03 WJ 8” lift pieced together ARB 35s HK Offroad winch mount and tire mount. He builds tough stuff also a 01 TJ that’s just getting started and 67 CJ5 that’s going to be restored Been to Moab and CO several times CA a few Hopi g to find a good group...
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