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  1. avstec

    Upgrading my steering, Need advice.

    Hey all, I am looking at upgrading my tie rod, drag link, and track bar. I've done a bunch of reading/researching and the two companies that keep popping up are currie and synergy. I'm getting a bunch of bump steer so I was looking at doing the drag link flip and figured I might as well...
  2. avstec

    My 2012 JKU build

    Figure I might as well start this to help keep track of where I started and where I want to go. Bought this jeep to use as a daily driver to work and to take the family on adventures over the weekends/vacations. My end game is to have a dd that is comfortable to drive 2 hours up to the family...
  3. avstec

    Waving from Ontario, Canada

    Hey all, Been lurking here for a couple months now and figured it was about time to I get off my lazy butt and send a wave to everyone. Purchased a used 2012 JKU Sahara at the end of march. It came lifted with 35" tires. Lift is Fabtech, tires and wheels are 35x12.5x20 Mickey Thompson Baja...
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