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  1. cozdude

    2 door lift kits

    Here was my old 2 door with the rough riding terrified lift and 35’s
  2. cozdude

    LOD Sliders & Falcon 3.3 shocks

    Let me know. Been wanting to pull the trigger on these for a while now
  3. cozdude

    LOD Sliders & Falcon 3.3 shocks

    Oh I’m interested in the sliders! You think shipping to PA would be expensive?
  4. cozdude

    Soft Tops and Car Washes

    I actually have never taken either of my Jeeps thru an auto wash. The one time I tried to the place wouldn’t let me cause of how powerful their blowers were. They said they have ripped soft tops so stopped allowing them.
  5. cozdude

    In The Shop - Disciple Off Road

    Looks like terrorflex
  6. cozdude

    Greetings from Philadelphia!

    Welcome to wayalife from West chester!
  7. cozdude

    Let’s see those Tools and Tool Boxes!!

    The vertical 3/8 and 1/2” stubby, semi, and deep socket holders are just harbor freight. They plastic trays are snap on but it’s just the case they come in so nothing fancy.
  8. cozdude

    Let’s see those Tools and Tool Boxes!!

    Yea that whole drawer is basically snap on sockets and such. Have some Mac tools in the drawers lower.
  9. cozdude

    Let’s see those Tools and Tool Boxes!!

    Slow day at work so decided to reorganize my top drawer a little.
  10. cozdude

    2 door lift kits

    Another vote for the rancho kit. Have it on my 4 door and I love the ride. Super soft and very affordable
  11. cozdude

    The build of Ruthless

    Yea I bought the Yukon master install kit from quadratec then had them do the install
  12. cozdude

    The build of Ruthless

    Not me lol place down the street from my work. Seemed like a fair price at 1300$ to do the work, 500 check of the gears with fluid change and with a 2 year warranty
  13. cozdude

    The build of Ruthless

    Thanks! 37’s. Rubicon fenders are probably next so I don’t rub with the 2” rancho lift lol
  14. cozdude

    The build of Ruthless

    Well operation “get Ruth more trail ready” is coming together. 4.88 Yukon gears installed a few weeks back. Have about 300 miles on them now and they are so much better! 8th gear is back for highway use and just gas mileage around town has gone up. quadratec stealth q10000 w/ synthetic line...
  15. cozdude

    Bantam Jeep Festival

    I have never gone just because of how much I hate the mud lol
  16. cozdude

    U1 100 code - Lost communications with ECM/PCM

    Any U code is a communication code. Usually due to power loss. Check all grounds for a poor or loose connection first, especially the battery terminal.
  17. cozdude

    VIDEO : CRAZY About the 8

    Congrats!!! Happy you guys finally got it! Factory FAD delete? That’s cool! Guess they found it’s a weak spot with all the power
  18. cozdude


    Beautiful property! Super happy for you guys!!
  19. cozdude

    The build of Ruthless

    Ok now this looks so much more complete!
  20. cozdude

    Beware!! - EVO Protek Skid Plates

    Damn looks like zero penetration on the welds. Assuming that is the 2012-2018 oil skid plate?
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