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  1. 2013rubirick

    VIDEO : CRAZY About the 8

    It was definitely hard to keep the secret when I found out months ago when I ordered mine. We are gonna have matching jeeps!
  2. 2013rubirick

    Where did your Jeep take You this Week?

    Thursday night about 1030 my buddy and I decided to run the rubicon late night. Got to the trailhead in Tahoe at 230 am and was at loon lake at 630 am. Really fun time and first time I have never seen another rig on the trail.
  3. 2013rubirick

    New Addition

    Congrats. I’ve been waiting 4 months for my 392 to arrive!
  4. 2013rubirick

    Howdy, from Northern California!

    Welcome to the family!!!
  5. 2013rubirick

    new wave

    Welcome to the family!!!
  6. 2013rubirick

    Hey Everyone!

    Welcome to the family!!!
  7. 2013rubirick

    VIDEO : Simple Fix for Minor Tire Rub at a Full Turn

    Never thought about that before. Good video!!
  8. 2013rubirick

    deck over bumper pull

    I have a bumper pull buggy hauler that pulls amazing. Did 5k round trip with it in November. I would recommend keeping the jeep as low as possible. I thought about deck over also but I spent the extra money and went with drive over fenders.
  9. 2013rubirick

    JL Half Door Factory

    Ya if you can find a set for a jk they are around 5k so I’m sure they are even more for a JL
  10. 2013rubirick

    6.4-liter V-8 JL Wrangler Rubicon 392 - How much would you be willing to spend?

    I ordered one 2 months ago. Msrp is $84,500. I ordered it out of Idaho and I’m getting it under msrp
  11. 2013rubirick

    Just picked up my JLU XR

    Congrats definitely a beautiful jeep
  12. 2013rubirick

    TRUMP DELAY REVERSED - Fines Boosted for Automakers Not Meeting Fuel Economy Rules

    Luckily I ordered a 392 when I did! Just a few days before they stopped taking orders.
  13. 2013rubirick

    Wavin' from GA!

    Welcome to the family
  14. 2013rubirick

    Rubicon trail summer of 2022

    I have ran the rubicon a ton of times and would be willing to join and help out! I’m only free Thursday and fridays in the summer. I’m willing to go and get you to rubicon springs by Friday and then I’d pop out into Tahoe. Let me no!!
  15. 2013rubirick

    Tow rigs

    Ram 3500
  16. 2013rubirick

    KILN QUEST - A Search of Charcoal Kilns Across Nevada

    Looks like a cool trip!! Have you ever thought about getting a metal detector and detecting around places like this? You’d probably find some really cool stuff!
  17. 2013rubirick

    Giving ya'll a wave from Golden Valley, AZ

    Welcome to the family!!
  18. 2013rubirick

    Whites Unite - Show off Your White Jeep Picture Thread!!

    White is my favorite color on a jeep!!!
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