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  1. jnabird333

    Swanky Builds Thread

    A little something else I've been working on.... I know I said no more winter projects, but this is happening :yup:
  2. jnabird333

    What did Brown Santa show up with today..

    Just in time for a weekend install :yup:
  3. jnabird333

    Swanky Builds Thread

    So,....... on a sadder note...... I found this today :grayno: I've had these lights on for a very long time and this has never been an issue. I'm 90% sure this happened while wheeling last weekend and flexing. I think this is the result of a trifecta of things that have been happening...
  4. jnabird333

    Swanky Builds Thread

    So we just wrapped up getting Lil-Punkin' completely ready. I gotta' say, the WD-40 product was very easy to put on and went much farther than I had expected. One can is enough to liberally coat the whole underside of the Jeep. If the stuff works at all the $11.50 a can is more than worth it...
  5. jnabird333

    Help me select a CAI

    After dealing with some hydro assist issues I've decided to replace my reservoir with a PSC reservoir. It is my understanding that while I could trim my factory box it is really easier to just run a CAI (especially considering I have already done some whittling to add the cooler to my existing...
  6. jnabird333

    PR44 Questions

    While researching for winter/spring projects I have become so confused on locker options and PR44 housing differences that I just thought I would post my goal here and hopefully you can set me straight. Both the wife and I have JKs. My plan was to get a PR44 to replace the Rubicon axle in my...
  7. jnabird333

    Noroad's Build

    When? I didn't get one :thinking: Why incomplete?
  8. jnabird333

    These guys/gals amaze me!

    I woke up to a new article on Allpar-news "Toledo torpedoes labor contract". After all the fighting to keep their precious Jeep, now this? In fairness, I am too disconnected to know all of the ins-and-outs of the contract but it does bring up my disdain for unions. The article:
  9. jnabird333

    Texas Winter Run! [ Tentative ]

    Put the Swank family down ans a maybe. We were looking at this area for a mid-winter get away. (Although early Feb to mid February suits us better.) The only catch will be where our son ends up being stationed. If he is in a semi-warm place I we will likely spend the time visiting him. I will...
  10. jnabird333

    Avoid Firewire LEDs

    I'm not a fan of company bitch threads, but I do want to inform other potential buyers of products and companies to avoid when I have had problems. In this case, it is Firewire LED. I learned about this company while watching Ian with project Lockjaw (Xtreme Off-Road). He used some LED...
  11. jnabird333

    Rausch Creek 10/03/15

    As Andrew (noroad) mentioned... The weather isn't looking great. While it's really too soon to know for sure Saturday is backed by bad weather as well, so the pattern is sure to impact the day. Notice, it will also be much cooler than it has been. Sadly, it looks like it's time to get the...
  12. jnabird333

    [WTB] JK Rear Axle

    I'm loosely in the market for a JK rear D44 axle. I am in the planning/prepping stages of stretching the wife's Jeep and it would be nice to have an axle on the side to prep for installing to make a faster turn-around when I start the stretch in the spring. To be honest, the less that has been...
  13. jnabird333

    Super Blood Moon

    I took this one off of Facebook. The poster was Mike Mezeul II (encouraged sharing) It is a great time lapse over Dallas.
  14. jnabird333

    Super Blood Moon

    I didn't see where anyone had shared this yet, but I thought I would post up some of the pictures I was able to snag tonight. Not too bad for a fairly cheap point-and-shoot :D As you can see I was playing will all sorts a modes to try to get the best picture.....
  15. jnabird333

    Swanky Builds Thread

    New tool arrived today! The analog angle gauge I had started to stick when put on a small angle (ball joint) plus it wasn't as accurate as I'd like. I can dial in (or at least read) caster much better at home now. :wings:
  16. jnabird333

    Swanky Builds Thread

    We've been crazy busy lately and I haven't had much time for my WAL family. (Other than a few drive bys.) Not too much has changed with our rigs anyway.... After Steve(Cozdude), Andrew(noroad), Julie(YoungFire, and Scott(GRNHORN) left Monday we pulled Lil-Punkin' in the shop for some...
  17. jnabird333

    Any opinions on the new Smittybilt X2O winch

    Trust me there are plenty of people here that know how to navigate a forum.... Like me, so I will post up your original response so everyone can see. I took the reply as them being silly, kind of like friends do around a camp fire. Nothing more. Try not to be so sensitive. It's only some text...
  18. jnabird333

    Conflicting info from wayalife vendors regarding dynatrac prorock 44.

    You mean issues like this D60 RCV CV cage off my buddy's rig? He also has also broken several shafts. Luckily for him, it was warranted because the completely failed. This is just my opinion, but I think the RCV sponsor stickers keep them quiet. :crazyeyes: Truth is, I do love how smooth...
  19. jnabird333

    Hinrichs 2.0

    ....fixed it :yup:
  20. jnabird333

    looking to change front bumper again.. better approach angle

    Well, here is another view of it on my Jeep. I may have been off by an inch or so but I retain my thoughts. Also my Poison Spyder Brawler Lite sits back farther than the stock bumper's crush-can bump outs but the bar still sits back and too high to effect a pedestrian strike. Something else...
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