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    VIDEO : Blight Leads to Beauty - A Great Day Trip with Pippi

    Love the video and seeing Ripley at the end. Are you guys going to put a winch on for these solo trips?
  2. DMF

    VIDEO : Simple Fix for Minor Tire Rub at a Full Turn

    Nice, wish I knew this a few years ago when I had to buy wheel spacers on my last JK. Well, now I know, thanks for the video!
  3. DMF

    Rubicon Brakes Vs Mopar Perfomance

    I'm guessing it's bigger because the Recon and 392 have bigger brake calipers and rotors than the regular Rubicon models.
  4. DMF

    Where did your Jeep take You this Week?

    I didn't know there was a car graveyard, totally missed it. But I peed in his back yard and as soon as I left, got my first check engine light!
  5. DMF

    Where did your Jeep take You this Week?

    Yes, but 20 miles away in Stovepipe, gas is low $6.
  6. DMF

    Where did your Jeep take You this Week?

    We went out to Trona and Death Valley for the weekend.
  7. DMF

    Kill it With Fire

    Someone posted this on facebook and had to share it.
  8. DMF

    A Search for a Mineral Not Mined in Nevada

    Thanks for sharing these. Love the history you share with us on it too.
  9. DMF

    In Search of a Last Hope in the Nevada Desert

    Excellent, thanks for sharing!
  10. DMF

    VIDEO : A Timeless Good Time - Swamp Lake Trail

    I love your style of video making. Perfect amount of narrating and Cindy is always capturing the best angles.
  11. DMF

    VIDEO : Starting a New Year of Wheeling Right - 2022 WAYALIFE Kick Off Run

    For not having a lot of video clips, you put together a great vid! Sorry about Moochie's Jeep, glad he was able to drive out of it. Thanks for the video, Eddie and Cindy.
  12. DMF

    Miles.. Everyone's got em, let's see yours!

    I've put a little over 1500 miles on my Jeep the entire year. I drive my Jeep so rarely that I've forgotten to wave back at people when they wave 😱
  13. DMF

    2022 WAYALIFE New Year's Kick Off Run

    Hope everyone has a great time and looking forward to seeing the video!
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    Happy New Year everyone!
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    Merry Christmas everyone!
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    Lisa's 2021 JL

    I was waiting for you to start your own thread to say congrats! Great looking rig you guys picked out.
  17. DMF

    VIDEO : BACK on BIG BOY Shoes - 42" Nitto Trail Grapplers & KMC Grenades

    Best looking JT out there and just got even better! Seriously, badass!
  18. DMF

    Say Farewell & Celebrate the Life of Lisa Wade

    We are so sorry to hear of your loss. Our deepest condolences to the Wade family.
  19. DMF

    VIDEO : Blackout LED Tail Lights for a Jeep JL Wrangler

    They look really good. I have never been a fan of those DIY blackout tail lights because they hinder the brightness of the lights. But these look great and really bright.
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