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  1. DMF

    Winch steal cable and fair lead.

    Update Free pick up Also free 6 bottles of ATF-4 Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE
  2. DMF

    JT Camper Shell Bed Cap

    Do people still call it that? Anyways, I love the look of this camper. Almost want to trade mine in for a JT now Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE
  3. DMF

    Engine idles at 1500 RPM's at startup until coolant level reaches 197 degrees

    I did a quick google search and someone from Jeep stated this was not normal and should be look at. The problem is when I start up my engine in the morning, I have the 4 banger. The engine RPM runs at 1500 until the coolant level reaches a certain temperature. This usually takes 3 minutes...
  4. DMF

    Free stuff

    Since I don't have a JK anymore, Also not picture, OEM control arms, front swaybar, transfercase skids, dana 44 cover Prefer local picks. Anaheim CA area
  5. DMF

    Replacing my soon to be sold Jeep

    I pretty much sold my JK. Buyer left me a deposit and will be picking up my JK either tomorrow or Wednesday. So now I am looking for a new JL to replace my JK. This is the one I've ben looking at. The dealer offered me $45,484, which I think is a pretty good deal. But my wife believes I can...
  6. DMF

    Softop for JKU for sell and some free stuff

    Soft top and soft top parts. Included entire top plus extra set of door surrounds and clear windows. One set are tinted windows and the other set are clear but are tinted with static cling tint and can easily be peel off. There is also a brand new replacement top. I am asking $300 for the...
  7. DMF

    RAM Mount iPad Holder

    This has been a great hat hanger for the last couple years. I have all the parts that it comes with to install and also have the original box. Paid $240 asking $150 obo.
  8. DMF

    Free Sh!tz

    4door Soft Top info The bad: Windows are scuffed. The picture shows them tinted with static cling tint but they are clear windows. Zippers all work but a bit hard to pull on. Some parts of the zipper has teeth missing so those parts are hard to glide the zipper over. The tabs are broken in...
  9. DMF

    How many miles are you guys getting on a full tank of gas?

    I've been getting around 255-260 miles before my fuel light comes on. To me thats terrible and was wondering if you guys are getting around that as well? I have 35 tires, with 4.88 gears, and running a soft top. My cargo is empty most of the time and it's just me in the Jeep most of the time...
  10. DMF

    WTB front Track Bar for a JK

    Hi all, if you guys have one or know someone who has one let me know Regards, David Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  11. DMF

    Front axle is shifted 3/4" to the passenger side

    After I put in my Synergy flip kit and added the raise track bar bracket. My axle is shifted 3/4" more to the passenger side. My track bar is adjustable but it won't collapse any further. Would I have any drive line issue, everything feels fine at the moment even though it's shifted.
  12. DMF

    Mopar 2" Springs, Fenders & a Vault

    Hi all, looking to sell some stuff that I been hanging on Mopar 2" lift and end links. I'm sure these end links came from the rear but I didn't put the lift on so i'm not 100% sure what the stock links look like. Asking $140 Fenders with splash shields. Asking $200 Smitty Bilt Vault includes...
  13. DMF

    Bushwackers Aluminum Fender Flares

    I just want to throw this out there in case some may not know but Bushwackers has aluminum fender flares for a lot less than the average aluminum flares out there. The p/n 10930-19 and comes already powder coated black. The installation and parts list looks just like Poison Spyders flare so...
  14. DMF

    Spidertrax wheel spacers

    Used for about 5 months. Only thing missing in the box is red loc-tite. There's no color discoloring.. Lighting in my garage made one of the spacers look a different color. Asking $90 obo Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  15. DMF

    Monster Energy Drink JK

    I work at Monster Energy and saw this JK today. just wanted to share some pics of it.
  16. DMF

    Few items for sale

    JKS Quick Disco 2"-6" $80+shipping Rubicon way bar motor (working) $40+shipping (Sold) Smittybilt Vault $200 (Local Pickup) Also junk inside the vault is not included for that price. Dominican Hi-Lift Mount $65+Shipping also includes the mounts to hi-lift to attach accessories. Sorry...
  17. DMF

    Transmission fluid change

    I search everywhere on the net and couldn't find anything for a 2014 Wrangler on changing the trans fluid/filter so I assumed they were all the same regardless of what year. Well when I remove my skids I got this. Am I suppose to remove this too? Some internet searching said its all flushes...
  18. DMF

    Last Chance Canton anyone?

    My friend and I are heading out there the16th 17th of April. Been out there once for the noob run a couple years ago and I had a blast. It's an open invitation for anyone who would like to join. Side note: I'm not too familiar with this trail beyond graduation hill. But I am planning on finding...
  19. DMF

    Gutter mount roof rack

    I should have done more research before buying the Thule gutter mount foot packs\roof rack system., but do you guys foresee any issues carrying a 4 gallon rotopax on these gutter mount roof racks? I haven't bought the basket yet but I was going to also get the Thule Moab basket. I only bought...
  20. DMF

    Trek Armor Sunshade for JKU w/o molle strap

    I had this mesh top on my Jeep since October last year. No rips, no threads unraveling around the Velcro straps. Its in really good shape. Although it doesn't look like a mesh top, it definitely is. I just hose the top down so the pic looks like the top is stain. There is no discoloration...
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