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    Flat tube flares, evo poison or genright?

    I’m looking to swap out my mce plastic fenders for some aluminum or steel flat fenders. I’m looking at genright evo and poison spyder. Genrights look nice but damn $1700?? Most of my jk has all evo from bumpers to suspension but I haven’t seen them on a Jeep. And there is poison spyder...
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    Tool boxes? Icon homak caryle

    Hey guys I’m shopping for a new box for my shop I just built. Can’t justify the price of a snap on or Mac. Does anyone have any experience with the new icon box from harbor freight? Generally harbor freight sells really cheap junk but this box looks really nice. Also how about Carlyle or homak?
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    Help choosing a paint color, gecko vs hyper

    So I’m about to bring my white jk in to have it painted either gecko or hyper green. Can’t make up my mind. I’ve seen both In person and actually owned a gecko green jk for a bit and Never got tired of the color but also like hyper it’s really bright. Anyone here with a hyper green jk?
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    Currie anti rock with Evo double throwdown

    I have the Evo double throwdown and Currie anti rock front and rear, the suspension came installed on the Jeep when I bought it. I really like how stable the Jeep feels with the anti rock sway bars but I know they are limiting down travel. I disconnected the rear and cycled the suspension and...
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    Color change vinyl wrap?

    Has anyone done this? How does it hold up to everyday use and trail use? My main concern would be rubbing against bushes and trees here in Colorado.
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    6.4 hemi leaking oil where trans bolts to engine

    I have an issue with an oil leak that looks to be where the motor and trans meet. Also in low gear on trails I can smell oil burning every now and again. Any idea what seal this would be?
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    Trail gps navigation

    I am looking for a good trail nav system. I’ve been relying on trail books but they are pretty vague and don’t have most trails listed. Does anyone have experience with the alpine jk unit? Are there any nav’s out there with most trails preloaded into the software with gps?
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    Can you put car seats in corbeau seats

    Does anyone know of a way to install car seats into corbeau seats? Seatbelts won’t work as I have a aftermarket full cage. Is there an adapter or different harnesses for children that can be used on these seats or prp’s?
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    Line x or bullet liner on body?

    Looking to freshen up the body on the jku. Lots of scrapes, chips and pinstripes. Some say it adds character but I like trying to keep it looking nice. Looks like to have it repainted or sprayed in a liner it’s about the same cost but obviously the liner will hold up better over paint and is now...
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    Dynatrac 60’s hold up to 42’s?

    Need some new tires soon. Been looking at the nitro 42’s and I believe micky Thompson has some coming out too. . Basically equivalent going from 37’s to 40’s I think? Can dynatrac 60’s hold up? Rear is a full float. Also I would have to buy new wheels as they only currently offer them in a 20...
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    Best roll cage?

    Hi all, I’ve been shopping roll cages and I’m looking for something to offer protection invade of a roll or flop. Genright looks the best but really expensive and you loose pretty much all the plastic and speakers etc.Are the rockhard and poison spyder cages strong enough if you were to roll a...
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    Evo double throw down rear suspension

    I’ve been looking around at different suspension setups and I’ve seen a lot about the dtd system. Lots love it lots don’t. The main thing I hear from people is it has massive rear steer. For those of you with this setup how bad is it? Does it really make the difference of how the vehicle tracks...
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    Excessive smoke on inclines or off camber obstacles

    Hello, anyone have a cure to this issue of oil be burned off when the Jeep is tilted up or to one side?
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    More rear axle travel than bolt on coilovers.

    So I’ve owned this Jeep for a bit and had it out a couple times now. It’s rides great on the road and seems pretty stable off road. It had the evo bolt ons front and rear. Front seems pretty good but the rear is lacking. Is there a system out there that will improve whee travel without...
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    Best half door and soft upper option?

    I’m looking to buy a set of half doors with full upper soft enclosures for summer wheeling. I will probably keep the factory one doors for the winter. I’ve looked at genright rugged ridge savvy and just saw the new bestop core doors. What is the best option for wheeling visibility, noise...
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    Hinged tire carrier for 40” tire with smittybuilt xrc corners

    Hello I posted a while back about removing the xrc stuff and going another route. After some research I don’t think it’s worth all the headaches to switch out. Having said that what hinged tire carrier will work with a 40” tire and the xrc armor?
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    Best engine oil and oil filter for the 3.6?

    I purchased a used 13 rubicon last month and the previous owner said it was close to needing a oil change. It has 35k miles. What do you recommend for a good oil and how often should it be changed?
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    Anyone switch from Smitty built xrc fenders/armor to something else?

    I bought a used 13 rubi that had everything I was looking for but I’m not a fan of the Smitty build xrc fenders and corner armor. It’s my understanding that when the fronts are installed they cut out the sheet metal fenders so I will need two new ones. How about the rear? Are the old nutzerts an...
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    Best engine oil pan skid plate

    Hi all, just bought a new to me 13 jku. It’s pretty built up but missing a few things. What is the best oil pan skid and trans skid? I’m running the evo long arm with Bolton coilovers and ud 60’s. I’m looking for something that is frame mounted. Thanks!
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