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    Mojave Road October...ish

    I would like run the Mojave Road sometime soon. October - November if anyone is interested. I have never been out there so I rather go with other people. Would like to maybe meet up in Laughlin on a Friday then hit the trail saturday morning, camp sat night and then finish the trip and head...
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    Transmission Rattle 2008 6 speed

    Hey guys, I have a rattle coming from my transmission or exhaust on my 2008 JK with a 6 speed manual tranny. I checked the shield on the cross pipe of the exhaust and that's ok. I get the noise on acceleration I think in almost all gears. If I push in the clutch it will go away. I really...
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    2013 Rubicon front axle housing

    I got a PR 44F replacement housing and have my factory Rubicon housing for sale. Housing, ball joints and stock cover. $400
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