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  1. JOHN73738

    Start on the WK2

    New bumpers from Off Road Animal for my wife's 2020 Grand Cherokee. Really like the look.
  2. JOHN73738

    Thoughts on Mickey Thompson

    Looking at Mickey Thompson Baja Boss AT tires. 35x12.5x17. Anyone have some thoughts on them?
  3. JOHN73738

    Iron Cross

    Anyone have experience with Iron Cross Automotive? I ordered their fender flares because I love the style. I hope the flares are better than their customer service. Have sent multiple emails asking questions and have not received a reply from any of them. I called this morning and found the...
  4. JOHN73738

    Evolution of my JK.

    So, after 5 years some badassery is finally in the works. Black Rhino Arsenal wheels Iron Cross Fender Flares Ace Manufacturing fender liners Injen cold air intake Evo Manufacturing rock skins. Work starts next week and when done I will unveil her name. Stay sate Bear
  5. JOHN73738

    Tire update on 2020 Grand Cherokee

    So I bought my wife a 20 GC late 19. I am putting on an Offroad Animal front and rear bumpers and want to change the tires with something a bit more aggressive. I will change out wheels with 17" instead of the 20" on it now. Anyone have a suggestion on a AT tire. Thanks Bear.
  6. JOHN73738

    Fender Flares

    Good Evening, Quick question, what are recommendations for steel fender flares? Been looking and am thinking about DV8 with inner liners. Also kinda like the look of Iron Cross. Anyone have suggestions? Stay Safe, Bear
  7. JOHN73738

    Bumper Thoughts

    Been too long since I posted on here. Sucks how life gets in the way. Anyone have thoughts on the LOD Offroad Destroyer series bumpers. I am getting ready to pull the trigger on the front and rear w/ tire carrier (both full width). Thanks, and nice to be back.
  8. JOHN73738

    Suspension questions

    I installed a Teraflex 2.5" lift on my JK Rubicon unlimited. I am getting a significant clunking sound when I hit bumps. I notice no adverse handling quality. Could I get some common causes because I plan on climbing underneath tomorrow or Wednesday to look for the cause. I plan on checking the...
  9. JOHN73738

    Lovell Canyon scouting trip

    Made a last minute decision to go out to Lovell Canyon near Las Vegas. Did not do the entire trail as I was short on time, but the teaser was amazing. Looking forward to doing the full trail soon.
  10. JOHN73738

    Emissions help

    I am having trouble with my TJ sport 4 L. I have that pesky check engine light p0455. I found a cracked breather hose. I taped it up and cleared the obd and all was well. I then changed the hose and the light turned back on. Doing some serious head scratching here. Anyone have any thoughts?
  11. JOHN73738

    Good entry level TJ Lift

    So I got a Rubicon express lift installed on my '16 JKU Rubicon, now I want to replace the crappy ProComp springs and shocks I installed on my Wife's '01 TJ Sport. Any suggestions in the 2.5 - 3" range? The ride of the PC hardware is like riding on cinder blocks. Appreciate any input. Thanks...
  12. JOHN73738

    TJ and JK parts In Las Vegas

    Looking to sell some parts taken off my TJ and JK. Stock front and rear TJ bumpers. $50 Damaged rear TJ tube bumper. $20 (Damage is slight) Stock 2017 Rubicon Shocks, springs and other misc suspension parts $200 Shoot me a PM if interested and I will send pics. Barrett
  13. JOHN73738

    TJ Restore(ish)

    I have been working on my wife's 2001 TJ for the last couple years. I have replaced the springs with Pro Comp springs (2" Lift) and shocks to match, replaced front and rear bumpers with tube style bumpers, fender flares, and nerf bars. Now I am focusing on the aesthetics. Paint is slated for the...
  14. JOHN73738

    Inaugural Trail

    Today I finally got my new Rubicon dirty. I will preface this with the fact this was nothing near the capabilities of my jeep, it was a good start. Only went about a mile past the first stop. Was by myself and did not want to push my luck as I know this trail can get a little more than...
  15. JOHN73738

    Lift question

    Greetings, My fantastic wife allowed me to buy a '16 Rubicon unlimited and I am researching lift kits. Sadly I will not be doing any offroading that is honorable to be vehicle I bought, but I do plan to do easy to intermediate trails (Rocky Gap/Wheeler Pass for example) I am looking mostly...
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