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  1. Trail Bud

    What a place this is. Love it!

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to say that all of you in this web site are truly a great group! (and no I haven’t been drinking before I wrote this. [emoji4] ) I posted in another thread about my loss of Dizzy, my dog who left too soon. People came out of the woodwork to say sorry, can I...
  2. Trail Bud

    Lost one of best friends

    I want preference this I’m fucked up. I lost my dog today, dizzy. It came out of the blue, he had kidney failure of 70% and they were no options. Went in for a allergy shot and came without my friend. I’m posting this because I have some very good friends/family on here. This web site has...
  3. Trail Bud

    Tread Lightly

    I’ve been a member of Tread Lightly for over 15 years. Got the new Tread Lightly decal. It’s very nice this year. Their motto: “Leave no trace” I like that. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  4. Trail Bud

    Cornhole board suggestions

    I’m looking to buy or build a cornhole set. Anybody plays, fun backyard or anywhere game and in any weather. Tight on $ so your input is appreciated. Questions: -Buy it or build? I found nice complete set of 2x4’ for $115.00 w/ bags. -BIG question 2x3’ or 2x4’ I want small for transporting...
  5. Trail Bud

    Looking for a Jeep for my daughter

    My daughters 02 Liberty has died. It was a great transportation for her. She had it towed home last Friday Here’s what She wants: Jeep Grand Cherokee Or Jeep Compass <$20k 2017 or newer <35k miles I missed some info. She’s in La Jolla, San Diego area.
  6. Trail Bud

    02 TJ Steering has a click/hang

    Just replaced intermediate and upper steering shafts, tie rods due to wear, and steering issue. I had and still have a click that can hang the steering lightly in a sweeping turns left and right. It’s at 11-1 on the wheel. It can scare you. I think it’s by the steering wheel but not sure. I...
  7. Trail Bud

    O2 sensor error, need advice.

    I have a 07 JK, I recently had work done on the jeep and was told one of the O2 sensor wires had melted. When I brought the jeep in I had no idea of this and there was no check engine light on. After I get the jeep back there's s code saying the heater element of the O2 sensor is not working...
  8. Trail Bud

    Steering binds or hangs in reverse in 4 hi

    I have a 02 TJ with 33" tires and 2" rubber for a lift. I added new engine mounts for the drive line. This was done 4 years ago. Now I notice when I'm in 4 high and put it in reverse and cut the wheels hard either direction I get a binding or rubbing feel. It kind of bucks or jerks. I don't...
  9. Trail Bud

    Transfer case skid plate wanted

    I need a stock skid plate that covers the transfer case. It is for a 07 rubicon Mine was destroyed a the rubicon.
  10. Trail Bud

    Both multi switches died at the same time

    I have a 07 jk that has an issue of both the turn signal and wiper switches (multi switches) on the steering column stopped working. I have no power to the signal, lights, high beams, wipers, cruse control. Fuses are ok too Seams weird both would die at once. Has anyone had this happen? Or are...
  11. Trail Bud

    Roll cage for 2002 TJ

    I want a roll cage for a 02 TJ. Not sure if I can even find a used one.
  12. Trail Bud

    Daylight Savings

    Yeah it's here!! (almost) Daylight Saving Time (United States) 2013 begins at 2:00 AM on Sunday, March 10
  13. Trail Bud

    CA Smog Cert. with big jeep doesn't fit smog rack

    I have to get a smog for my jeep. It's 90" wide tire to tire running Prorocks and Toyo's. The catch is I don't fit on a regular smog rack, so I have to go to a "referee smog station". I made my appt thinking this will be expensive. It's going to be free!!. At the regular station it would be...
  14. Trail Bud

    It's paid for!!!

    Just made my last payment!! :beer:
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