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  1. 10frank9

    Hi-Lift with Cover (So Cal)

    $40 for a 48” black Hi-Lift with cover and Daystar ha dale isolator. Pickup only in Redlands, Ca. No shipping.
  2. 10frank9

    So Cal FREE parts

    I’ve got some stuff up for grabs: Stock JK control arms (Rear uppers, rear lowers, front lowers). Very well used stock tie rod, makes a good trail spare. Stock front Drive Shaft, great condition. All parts are off a 2013 JKUR. PM me. In Redlands, Ca
  3. 10frank9

    FS almost new 37 x 12.5 x 17 BFG km2

    Sold sold sold....
  4. 10frank9

    Free OEM bumpers

    Taken off with less than 3k miles. Off my 2013 JK. In the Inland Empire. Flawless but dusty OEM bumpers. Come get em before this Monday or they'll be at the landfill. PM me. ***lawn chairs and plastic chairs for sale only $3,000 each*** Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  5. 10frank9

    Free free free

    Okay folks I have some free stuff up for grabs. Cleaning up my garage and it's all free to the first reputable member to get their hands on them. Must be a regular Wayalife member in good standing. SO CAL pickup. Rancho Cucamonga area. Set of seat covers (4-door rear seat and both fronts) blue/...
  6. 10frank9

    SuperChips FlashCal (SoCal)

    Sold sold sold sold.... Thanks PomonaManny!
  7. 10frank9

    Daystar Rocks!

    So a while ago I ordered a Daystar lower dash panel for my light switches. I installed it but noticed the fit wasn't quite right. It kept popping out/off and despite trying to modify the fit it was hopeless. So I called Daystar directly and asked about the issue. They hadn't heard about it...
  8. 10frank9

    Overlander trailer.

    My buddy's neighbor got some sick trailer for his Jeep. Super Overlander status. He sent me the pics below. I checked the company out, their base is like 14k and the way this one is set up I'm guessing it's every bit of 20k. Nice if that's what you're in to.
  9. 10frank9

    Rear Brake Line Mod

    Greetings Wayalifers, I've received a few questions and requests for photos of the rear brake line modification/ relocation. Since I did this over a year and a half ago, I do not have step by step instructions. But I will post photos I snapped this morning and discuss what was done. I have a...
  10. 10frank9

    FS Cobra 29 WX NW 40 Channel CB

    Sold sold sold....
  11. 10frank9

    Good deal?

    Is this a good deal? Post away. :cheesy :
  12. 10frank9

    So Cal IE Suds and Grub

    Greetings all! If you live in the IE, OC or LA areas and would like to meet and hang out with some fellow Wayalife members, we'd love to have you out. Drop by and grab some hot pizza, a cold brew and talk Jeep. When: Monday January 19th 2015 at 6:00 pm Where: Round Table Pizza in North...
  13. 10frank9

    CB Mount bracket

    Gone... Gone... Gone...
  14. 10frank9

    JK Diff covers

    Greetings all! After a recent wheeling trip I found the need to upgrade my stock diff covers. I wanted to share what I experienced and let you all make an informed decision. Note: I should've chosen better lines and I DID previously clearance the "lip" off the bottom of my diff covers. This...
  15. 10frank9

    3th Annual Inaugural Suds n Hugs

    Okay folks, I've been sitting by, idly, watching folks get their panties in a bunch for the most minuscule things. So I am proud to present the 3th Annual, Inaugural Suds n Hugs. PLEASE POST IN THIS THREAD IF YOU PLAN ON JOINING. Place: A hot spot TBD in WeHo. Time: TBD If you are tired of...
  16. 10frank9

    What was your first vehicle?

    We all have one thing in common, we have a love for Jeeps, the outdoors and the Wayalife. But we all started somewhere, right? What was your first vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle)? I had a modest upbringing and didn't get my first car until I went off to college. A good ol 4-door 1984 Honda...
  17. 10frank9

    Photobucket..... WHY?

    Alright being that I use my mobile device to access Wayalife 90% of the time (and yes I am an Apple product user) I clicked my last photo redirecting me to the Photobucket site! Please Photobucket users explain to me why Photobucket is so convenient to use versus hosting your photos here on...
  18. 10frank9

    (5) 17" XD Addicts on 37's

    Sold folks.......
  19. 10frank9

    FS LōD Shorty Series Front Bumper

    Sold sold sold!!!
  20. 10frank9

    Expedition One Rear bumper and carrier

    Sold sold sold!
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