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  1. Unkle_Willy

    Cabin Air Filter

    The CAF isn't something I normally give any thought to but spent this week wheeling in the desert and had dust blowing out of the AC vents. So now I'm thinking an upgrade to the factory filter is in order. See that the K&N is a two piece design. Anybody know if this helps with sealing the fit...
  2. Unkle_Willy

    Scary JL transfer case failure on hill climb

    So today I had my son try driving up a maximum incline obstacle on slick rock at Moab (Hummer Hill). At the steepest part he lost traction and needed to back down to reset his line. While drifting backwards - still in 4-low / Gear M1 - the front tires slid over a crack and then caught again...
  3. Unkle_Willy

    Help Wanted - Alpine Loop & Moab

    So this was going to be the epic summer wheeling trip to celebrate my sons high school graduation- until the COVID thing hit. This delayed the testing programs he had to pass for his postgraduate studies and now we have just a short window to quickly plan a trip through the areas of SW Colorado...
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