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  1. Irish JK

    Feeler For Sale

    ***CLOSED*** No longer interested in any offers. Message for pricing. Serious inquires only please. 2014, 28k miles. Full Evo DTD with 3.0/2.5 bypasses. Pro rock 60/80 with ARBs, dynalocks, big brakes. DJ Safety Fire Suppression System. More info upon request. Sent from my iPhone using...
  2. Irish JK

    Happy Birthday Overlander

    Happy Bday you glorious bastard :beer:
  3. Irish JK

    SoCal - Mother's Day Run 5/8

    So this year Mom asked to go on her first Jeep trip for Mother's day. Figured some of you may have moms or wives that may want to get for a day or maybe dear old mom is off in another direction and you want to get out wheeling for the day. Depending on the response and group who wants to head...
  4. Irish JK

    App Skipping Posts

    Having issues with the app skipping posts. I can't see certain posts until someone quotes the missing quote. Once I click on the quote I can see it. If I return to the original thread, the missing posts are not visible again. Just FYI. As you can see in the attached photos above it jumps...
  5. Irish JK

    Prorock 44 and more.....

    Items for sale in Orange, Ca. Warn 76800 Air-Power SPI Premium AIr Compressor with Warn Quick Disconnect Power Cable - $250.00 Rock Hard Skid Plates. Oil Plate and Transmission & Transfer Case Skid Plates (no hardware) - $75.00 each LOCAL PICKUP ONLY Tuffy JKU Security Deck Enclosure for...
  6. Irish JK

    Big Bear 3/21/15

    I am going to be running some trails up in Big Bear tomorrow. Starting early at Gold Mountain and continuing through John Bull, Holcomb Creek and Dishpan. If anyone is interested in joining us, post up.
  7. Irish JK

    WTB: 2014-15 JKU Factory Soft Top

    Looking to buy complete factory soft top.
  8. Irish JK

    Getting Closer

    In an article below, the Jeep CEO, Mike Manley makes one of the strongest statements yet that I've read for a real push on the Jeep truck. At this point, it seems a "truck" of some point is inevitable, just what and when.
  9. Irish JK

    2015 Viper ACR Sema Concept

    Anyone else see this yet. Looks sick.
  10. Irish JK

    Video - Very Moving Jessi Lang Story Thank You Jessi for being willing to share your difficult story. There is a lot of support for your bravery which I am sure will greatly affect others in their recovery processes.
  11. Irish JK

    Holy gods of horsepower - Hellcat 707 HP I thought they would just be happy besting the GT500's 662, but 707 is absolutely awesome. We truly do live in the greatest age of muscle cars. On another note, I can only hope the 2015/16...
  12. Irish JK

    Arrowhead/Big Bear

    Anyone going out that way today?
  13. Irish JK

    Job Opportunity

    EDITED TO EXPAND TO ALL OPEN OPPORTUNITIES (Original Post 4/2/14)Hey all. I have been following a thread of 20 and under Jeepers showing their rigs and it got me starting to think what a great group of young guys that are around this forum that I might be able to tap into and provide a new...
  14. Irish JK

    EVO 1/4 Pounder

    What is the largest pin size on a shackle EVO's 1/4 Pounder will accept?
  15. Irish JK

    Pic Request - Roll Cages in colors

    Looking for pictures of roll cages in other than black. Particularly the Rock Hard Cage. Thanks Irish
  16. Irish JK

    Many Parts for Sale Including, EVO, LOD, Rock Hard, Walker Evans, Toyo, Factory Rubi

    All parts available for local pickup in Orange County. Used Parts from 2010 JKUR: EVO MFG Leveler Subframe (Bolt on style set up for single coilover)- $900.00 Includes EVO Skid Plate Rear Dana 44 with working Elocker, chromolly shafts, 5.13 gears (currently tabbed for Evo Leveler) -...
  17. Irish JK

    Irish Build Thread

    As a few of you so kindly suggested, the first mod is in and drum's a fire extinguisher. To be exact it is a HalGuard HG250 in black mounted to a Drake OffRoad Fire Extinguisher Mount paired with their JK Front Seat Mount. Install is very straight forward although if the bolts on...
  18. Irish JK

    Fresh Meat

    As some of you may remember, our previous JK suffered a catastrophic fire last year. At the time we were quite shaken and not sure if we would make our way back to Jeeping and Wayalife. After a few months of watching others drive down the road and all of your guys great show off threads, we...
  19. Irish JK

    New Build

    Some time has passed now since the incident with our previous Jeep was lost to fire. We are starting to get the itch to get back out there again, albeit still nervous about owning a JK now. Just daydreaming for now, but if I do decide to rebuild, trying to figure out a direction to go. '07-'11...
  20. Irish JK

    The night disaster struck

    We had a great day of jeeping up in Big Bear today. Ran Gold Mountain and John Bull and the 2010 JKUR performed flawlessly. We met some new friends out on the trail today enjoyed and headed home the 96 miles to Orange County. As we were making the left turn into our neighborhood, I saw a large...
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