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  1. gtony12

    Gtony12 new JL 2 door

    Let the build began. It’s been a while sense I had to sell my JK, had so many issues after my accident the money ran out. So my wife really needs a new car and said lets go pick it out, so she drove us to a Jeep dealer. I was like what? she was saying how she really wanted a Jeep. [emoji848] hmm...
  2. gtony12

    Gtony12 New wave Paso Robles

    Hey all been while sense I posted with Jeep info but today I bought my new JL 2 door. Right from the dealer! Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  3. gtony12

    Cam shaft position sensor and trac light HELP🏻

    Ok need some help, my jeep has a code P0390 "cam shaft position sensor " ok so I ordered a new sensor and showed up today. I replaced it this evening but my jeep still shows the engine light. I tired to clear code with reader once I turn and started engine light came back. Then I tired to remove...
  4. gtony12

    Another thread on engine light and traction control

    So driving home last night I hit a big hole in road, after the hit my traction control light came on and then the check engine light. I am wondering if the hit was enough to knock my steering wheel of center or do you all think I broke a sensor. I wanted to see what everyone thinks? I will be...
  5. gtony12

    Yard work

    Working in the yard, my wife asked! How can we move this deck we will need a big rig, I said no I have a jeep!!!!
  6. gtony12

    Gtony12 giving a new wave from Paso Robles

    Hey all been on Wayalife awhile now but moved to the Central Coast so just saying hi again!!!!!!!!
  7. gtony12

    "Need good Vibes"!

    Well I resigned from my job after 20 years to start a new career in Paso Robles, today my wife and I opened escrow on a new home here. We are so excited and can't wait. Keeping our fingers crossed that all goes well. This is my dream place to live and home with land.
  8. gtony12

    Recalls "transmission tubes"!

    Has anyone had there recall completed? Jeep is going in Thursday for fix. Was wondering if anyone had any issues after the fix.
  9. gtony12

    Any Paso Robles Jeeprs out there

    I am think of excepting a job offer out there and was wondering what you all think of the area? Also any help with info like, good and bad areas. Maybe a good place for temp living for 3 to 4 month until my step daughter finishes school, wife and step daughter will move up then. Utility bill...
  10. gtony12

    Any WAYALIFE end of year runs coming up?

    Hey Eddie, Any chance you are planing a end of year run? or newbie runs?:thinking: I can always hope right :fingerscrossed:
  11. gtony12

    Rancho Exhaust Cross over Pipe.

    So, I am going to be adding the EVO plush ride 3" coils to my Jeep here soon. I know one day I will be needing new front drive shaft. But trying to buy some time and cheap out a little, would it be worth the money and time to add the Rancho Cross Over Pipe and keep my drive shift for making...
  12. gtony12

    Gtony12 2 Door Build

    :thinking: Well I never started a Build on my Jeep so I thought I would start one and update as I go. I encluded the first few mods and mishapp (2012 2 door sport) :yup: Added KC lights and Light mounts Then Accident 5 months after buying Jeep Than over 3 months later finished rebuild
  13. gtony12

    Jeep control arm skid plates

    Question, when I install and weld in my CONTROL ARM SKID PLATES do I need to remove the Control Arms/unbolt and hang down. Or can I weld in place. Wasn't sure if the bushing may get to hot? :thinking: Anyone done these and have any suggestions.:idontknow:
  14. gtony12

    3" Plush Coils and existing lift components?

    I was looking for this before, but I was unable to locate if this was asked before.:yup: I have a Rough Country 2.5" BB lift with series II system. 2.5" spacer Brake line extensions Shock extensions Rear longer Sway bar links and existing moved to front Rear Track bar relocation bracket. My...
  15. gtony12

    5 Sahara wheel and tires

    I have have 2012. 5 wheels (18's)and tires with 5 TPMS. 4 with 40,000. Miles and spare band new. Make me and offer. Local pickup THESE MUST GO ASAP. MAKE ME A OFFER. (Socal) Mission Viejo ca Sent from my SCH-I545 using WAYALIFE mobile app
  16. gtony12

    NON-JEEP For Sale

    Hey everyone I have these up for sale for Local pick up or I can drive with in reason. If no locals then I would look at shipping. Thank you! Or even trade for jeep stuff like spare tire mount and 3' or 4' antenna.:) let me know. Make me some offers :thumb: Waders and Float tube never used...
  17. gtony12

    Front end issues?

    Ok, I added JKU coils 17/59, then added a BB 2.5" spacers. I did add the rear track bar relocation, brake line, shock brackets etc.:yup: My issue is when driving around town everything feels fine, but when I am on the freeway doing 60+ and hit a bump or dip in road way it feels like my front...
  18. gtony12

    Show off Jeep with Christmas Tree 2013.

    That time of year again. Made it one more year..... Sent from my SCH-I545 using WAYALIFE mobile app
  19. gtony12

    Rough Country Budget Lift Help

    OK need some help here.:thinking: I installed the RC Budget Boost, everything went together easy. I have been driving for about 300 miles with no issues. Yesterday I was entering a drive way fast and at angle and I felt like my rear Diff. shifted to one side and made a clucking sound then I...
  20. gtony12

    EVO HD SwayBar EndLinks

    Does any body run EVO HD SwayBar EndLinks? Do you have them on front and rear? I don't have a Rubi, so would it be worth running these instead of a disconnect? Any advise would be great :yup: thank you!! :standing wave:
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