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  1. noroad

    Noroad's Build

    Took the blue jeep up north to vermont!! Good night out with ryan and friends!
  2. noroad

    Noroad's Build

    welp looks like I need to add some spacers and fix some paint lol
  3. noroad

    Noroad's Build

    She is getting there!
  4. noroad

    Noroad's Build

    Painted the rockhard cage up! Needs clear and install the done!
  5. noroad

    2 door rear seat and buckles

    I have 2 rear seat belts for a 2 door out of a 2012, used maybe 4 times ever. ( seen them new for 120 to 180, and used 75$ to 80$ each) make me a reasonable offer Also have a 2010 rear seat out of a 2 door. open to offers!
  6. noroad

    Noroad's Build

    Some pictures of wheeling this weekend in NH! Little more tree love!
  7. noroad

    Noroad's Build

    Started painting the cage and ran out of paint lol fail!!! Need couple more cans plus some for the rock hard!
  8. noroad

    mastercraft seat height problem

    Its not that kinda problem lol, they work great and I love them! Im looking for short people fixes(nothing wrong with short people). My lady is short and has a hard time seeing over the front now and with the cage on the way im sure that is not going to help. I love the seats and want to keep...
  9. noroad

    Need help with head light part!

    Anyone know a jk that is totaled or any idea where i can get a black passenger head light retainer ring! The one the head light sits in and can be adjusted by the three screws! Dealer wants 160 as its a whole kit!
  10. noroad

    Rausch Creek 10/03/15

    Just knocked out trail walk in the park! Head to boot hill!
  11. noroad

    Rausch Creek 10/03/15

    hahahaha sooo
  12. noroad

    Noroad's Build

    So got the cage burned in! Well the back half still waiting on the front to arrive! Big thanks to my friend travis for the help!
  13. noroad

    Noroad's Build

    So got the cage all cleaned up for the welding and semi primed for the paint once the cage is in! Also cleaned her up a little and painted some plastics that where beat up!
  14. noroad

    Clear Coat type

    What is the best Clear coat? Looking to get something that can take a beating! what have you guys used/recommend!
  15. noroad

    Noroad's Build

    Lol fineee ill show the sneak peak of the test!
  16. noroad

    Noroad's Build

    Some big doins coming! Testing day!
  17. noroad

    Body mounted tire carriers

    I have a gen and I like it!
  18. noroad

    show your sunrise/sunset pictures

    South Lake Tahoe!
  19. noroad

    Where did your Jeep take You this Week?

    Couple teasers as I am finally working on getting the pictures from the trip together! Trip Out There Way Home
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