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  1. noroad

    2 door rear seat and buckles

    I have 2 rear seat belts for a 2 door out of a 2012, used maybe 4 times ever. ( seen them new for 120 to 180, and used 75$ to 80$ each) make me a reasonable offer Also have a 2010 rear seat out of a 2 door. open to offers!
  2. noroad

    mastercraft seat height problem

    Its not that kinda problem lol, they work great and I love them! Im looking for short people fixes(nothing wrong with short people). My lady is short and has a hard time seeing over the front now and with the cage on the way im sure that is not going to help. I love the seats and want to keep...
  3. noroad

    Need help with head light part!

    Anyone know a jk that is totaled or any idea where i can get a black passenger head light retainer ring! The one the head light sits in and can be adjusted by the three screws! Dealer wants 160 as its a whole kit!
  4. noroad

    Clear Coat type

    What is the best Clear coat? Looking to get something that can take a beating! what have you guys used/recommend!
  5. noroad

    Thank You

    I just want to say how thankful I am to you guys! Matt, Don, and Andrew you guys all rock and this is why I only buy from you guys! we had a small problem with 2 wheels months after getting them and with in a short time talking with these great guys its all taken care of! This is what keeps me...
  6. noroad

    2dr soft top

    Its was my back up top but it is taking up some room need to get it out. I have a soft top with all the hardware door surrounds and all, it is tinted. I don't have a drivers side window, you can buy new window for 200 or look around(I got a spare rear and passenger window for 60 bucks. let me...
  7. noroad

    Drives side tinted window

    looking for the drivers side tinted window so that I can have a complete set that I can sell with the extra top I have.
  8. noroad

    2015 Great American jeep Jeep Rally 9/19/2015

    Event Saturday, September 19 at 9:00am - 4:00pm 43 Lower Butcher Rd Ellington, CT Is anyone planning on going to this? I know a couple wayalifers by me are going, many others as its pretty big! if so post up your list of stuff you need finished before the event, I know we have a weekend...
  9. noroad


    So in the winter I plan to start with a PR44 and I have been toying with the idea of a stretch as well. So if you have a stretch could you post up some info, as well as corners to go with the stretch (was thinking color matched RR's). Also was thinking of using the synergy rear coilover mounting...
  10. noroad

    What Mastercraft seat?

    So going to be placing an order for some seats in the next day or so, northridge has 3 different ones that all look pretty much the same. Sahara, baja and baja dirt sport. Any one know the difference or which one to get they are all different prices. I think im gona do all black as its gecko.
  11. noroad

    Explore San Fran day! 7/19/15

    Who wants to explore San Fransisco with us! After talking to panda we kinda have a small list going feel free to chime in, we would love to spend the day exploring with wayalife members! So far we have Fishermen wharf, Lombard st, ocean beach, drive through golden gate park and Golden Gate...
  12. noroad

    E brake cable

    So I just picked up a new drivers side E brake cable to swap out, as it is toast. Any one have any tips on how to change it? Can it be done from just being under the jeep it looks like the end has a little boot that grips the out side floor.
  13. noroad

    Rausch Creek 10/03/15

    Ok guy after talking to a number of people about wanting a trip to Rausch creek in the future we came up with this saturday! This trip out we are going to have it open it everyone that wants to wheel, depending on the number of rigs we will make more then one group. If we have enough people...
  14. noroad

    ARB twin and 5 gallon tank

    Does anyone have a 5gallon tank getting filled by a ARB twin? or is that to much? just scored a 5 gallon tank for sort money was gona put it on my table for tires and tools.
  15. noroad

    ABS and Traction lights

    So i have had both lights on for a little bit here, bounced the idea off another member but wanted to put out what we think/ see if anyone else has this problem. Step one we checked for codes i have zero as i though it was a sensor. i just replaced all ball joints and end links, so thats out the...
  16. noroad

    rear 2dr Driveshaft

    looking to help a friend out for a trail spare!
  17. noroad

    color light bar mounts

    So after fixing the paint up on the jeep i was thinking how hard would it be to color match the light bar mounts, cant be that bad. Anyone have an opinion on match light bar mounts would love to see some pictures (gecko would be great but any really) here is what i have now!
  18. noroad

    Soft top help

    So the other night just after I finished the Coilover install i was getting ready to go out with the lady, at this point she comes into the house crying that she broke it!!! I was like whaaaat are you ok what happened! So the punch line being the nice girl she is, she went to put the soft top...
  19. noroad

    Evo flip kit question

    Will a PR44 evo flip kit work on a stock axle? what is the difference in the two kits?
  20. noroad

    Fredericksburg, VA S&G Feeler 06/07/15

    On Friday June the 5th it looks like I might be Flying down to Help Scott with his new lift install. As for that i said maybe we could have a S&G some place well im down there! We were thinking some place in Fredericksburg, as for place that is what this post is here for! So on Sunday 06/07/15...
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