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  1. crippledpetey

    Looking for 2 Door Rubi Rails

    If anyone has a set they want to get rid of or knows of a set around please let me know. Location not an issue if they are willing to ship. Thanks everyone :thumb:
  2. crippledpetey

    NORCAL: MOAB 2016 - March 12th - 19th

    (yes we know its early...we want to make sure we have stuff booked and planned out since everyone's schedule fills up quickly) If you’re interested in a week long wheeling trip to Moab here is your chance! This is a family trip so kids are welcome there will be a few there already. You are...
  3. crippledpetey

    2013 JKUR Parts for FREE!

    Alright I have a bunch of stuff laying around and need it gone. All I ask is pay for shipping or set up a time we can possibly meet up. Here is what I've run across so far and I know there is more lol. I will be keeping these for a week then giving them to a local shop. Rubi rails - missing...
  4. crippledpetey

    NORCAL: High Lakes Run and Camping - May 1 - 3

    The Plan: We can meet up in Chico or Paradise if you want to go up the night before and set up camp. If you only want to do a day trip we can meet you at the trail head and/or another spot we all decide on. We will camp Friday night and Saturday Night and exit Sunday. Camp Spots: Our Goal...
  5. crippledpetey

    NORCAL: Rubicon Run - October 1-4

    I know this is early but we wanted to get it started and on the board so people can plan. We will be running the Rubicon Trail in early October. Please run through the info and let me know if you have any questions or you would like to join :thumb: The Plan: Meet up Thursday night Oct 1st and...
  6. crippledpetey

    Day Trip to the Rubicon - April 4th

    We are planning a day trip into the Rubicon. The tentative plan is to meet up Saturday April 4th (day before Easter) at Loon Lake. We will run into soup bowl or little sluice depending on how the day is going have lunch and then head back out. This trip should be pretty easy with harder...
  7. crippledpetey

    High Lakes Run NorCal - Saturday 2/21

    We are running up to the High Lakes this Saturday 2/21. We will be leaving Chico at 9am and heading up the skyway. We can either meet in Chico or Paradise if you want to join (depending on which way you're coming from). We will stop in Magalia to fuel up and grab any water/snacks you want...
  8. crippledpetey

    Factory Power Steering Gear Box and Pump

    I just pulled out the factory power steering box and pump from our 2013 JKUR (22k). Looking to sell for $550OBO. Willing to ship on buyers dime. **still has the sector shaft :thumb: **
  9. crippledpetey

    High Lakes Snow Run - NorCal

    I know it's short notice but if any NorCal people want to head up to the high lakes this Sunday we are going. Plans is to meet at Burger King parking lot at 8am and head out from there. We will stop in Magalia to top off fuel and grab any snacks you may have forgot. If you're interested let...
  10. crippledpetey

    2013 JKU Rubicon Parts Need to Go!

    I am looking to clear out more stuff. I still have a front and rear drive shaft, full set of stock control arms, rock rails and a stock tire carrier with third brake light. I may have more too but I know those things for sure. I will be heading down to the New Years kick off and can bring any...
  11. crippledpetey

    Moab Trip March 14th - March 22nd, 2015

    I'm putting together a trip to Moab for anyone who is interested. We are looking to stay the whole time and wheel as much or little as the weather allows us. If you're interested just post here and I will add ya to the list. I'm going to start a trail list so we can start planning. As of now...
  12. crippledpetey

    2013 JKU Full Doors - Set of 4

    So I'm seriously thinking about selling my full factory doors. They are power, no scratches (maybe a few minor things but nothing that needs repair), tinted rear windows, all function flawlessly. This is a thread to gauge the interest. If you're seriously interested let me know maybe we can...
  13. crippledpetey

    Coolant and Gas Mixing

    So this past week I got in my jeep to head home and everything was fine. I stopped for gas and noticed it started to pour coolant all over. After inspecting it I noticed a small split where it was spraying out so I grabbed sealant and coolant to limp home. I took it into the dealership and...
  14. crippledpetey

    Rubicon Seats For Sale

    I am about to swap out all my seats for mastercraft rubicon buckets. I am selling my two front seats with seat heaters and my rear bench as well. All in good shape no tears, no stains, etc. I've seen the fronts going for $600-$700 for pair but have no clue for the rear or if it's even...
  15. crippledpetey

    Moab EJS 2014

    Well I had the pleasure of spending April 12th-20th in Moab, UT for the Easter Jeep Safari. My wife and I drove the 930 miles in our 2013 JKUR on 40" Mud Grapplers with two kids and a Trektop NX! I have to say it wasn't that bad and we did quite well on time and fuel economy. We made the trip...
  16. crippledpetey

    Rubicon Trail Closed

    Just in case anyone is planning any trips to the Rubicon. This is all the info I have currently but you can reach out to the rangers in the area if needed. A TEMPORARY ROAD CLOSURE HAS BEEN ISSUED FOR THE RUBICON TRAIL EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 25...
  17. crippledpetey

    NorCal High Lakes Run

    If anyone is in NorCal and wants to join us on Saturday 1/25 for a run up into the high lakes area let me know. This trail is not that difficult and has been run by many jeeps on 30" tires. I would recommend sliders and any other protection underneath if you are lower for 1 or 2 obstacles...
  18. crippledpetey

    2013 Hard Top - All Hardware included!

    This is more a feeler post but I am looking to sell it. This is a Hardtop off my 4 Door JK. I have all the original hardware and there are no cracks, repairs, etc. All the seals are good it has never leaked. I am located in Northern CA (Chico) and am willing to meet up with someone and...
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